Why is PIM important?

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Product information management is the organization and maintenance of all company product info in one central database repository. PIM manages the data required to sell and market your products through different distribution channels. It helps you reach out to your customers at the right place and time. With a PIM system in place, you can avoid frustrated customers who are tired of looking for the item they need. Questudio’s CatalogStudio helps you maintain, create, and manage product information from one central location.


So, why is PIM important?
Format Independent and User friendly
PIM allows business to be more efficient. You can author and publish product information easily. You can allow all parties, such as retailers and distributors, to collaborate over the web. You can also set it up so that external contributors can give their input by using the data import capabilities.

Automated Data
It makes creating and maintaining accurate product data for extensive product portfolios easy, efficient, and cheap. It also lets you automate common tasks. You can have a detailed description for different users, and maintain role based views. It also enables increased data transparency.

Omnichannel Marketing
PIM helps you provide customized experiences for different sets of users depending on a variety of criteria. For instance, the experience could be customized based on the device that the customer is using to access the site. PIM offers pre-built and configurable user interfaces that help you get started easily. It also provides the ability to export data for all major commerce systems. You can have real time previews on how your product will market on different channels.

Product Personalization
PIM is an integral component of customer relationship management. Business today are catering to an increasing number of markets. This results in increased number of products offered. Companies are also operating in international markets with expanded product lines. Product data accordingly has to be customized so that it can cater to the diverse market.

Digital Asset Management
With a PIM system in place, you can automate data processes. Digital asset management allows maintaining a single version of truth. It ensures that marketers and all other users like business partners and employees have the latest and correct version of the marketing content.

Customer Engagement
PIM can operate and integrate across varied platforms such as ERP, marketing technology, web content management systems, accounting systems etc. PIM helps in feeding B2B customer’s procurement systems with huge amounts of product information. This helps you achieve better customer engagement, which results in higher and continued customer retention.

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