How can PIM benefit your company?

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PIM technology can have a positive influence on the performance of eCommerce organizations. It is highly beneficial for organizations that transact with many users or customers. Questudio’s PIM software, CatalogStudio, is a powerful system that you can use to create, maintain and manage all product related information in one central repository. PIM has elements that include content management, data security, workflow management, reporting, catalog publisher, import and export tools, etc. So, how can PIM benefit your company?

Increase Frequency of New Product Introductions

Companies can reduce timelines for new product introductions by a huge percentage by using CatalogStudio. If an organization has a complex set of products, PIM can help simplify the product stream. You can store, retrieve, and navigate data without any limitations with such a robust software in place. You can save product information such as images, videos, CAD drawings, multimedia files, PDFs, etc.

Improved Customer Accessibility

PIM is useful for an organization that deals with a large product assortment. It lets you change and update products instantly. A company can target multiple countries with a PIM system in place. Multilingual products can be launched in different parts of the world simultaneously. It is possible to cross-associate one product part to multiple groups. This allows configuration of different views of the parts. You can use multiple key or reference IDs for the parts or create the view based on usage.

Streamlined and Efficient Systems

Using CatalogStudio, you can achieve increased transparency. You can easily integrate all the modules to function as a single entity. It also integrates easily with legacy systems. Thus, you don’t need to employ special software or personnel for the PIM system to blend in with your existing processes or applications. The seamless integration with legacy systems is made possible with the open architecture SQL database.

Quick Time to Market

Because you are working with a central repository, data duplication is minimized and makes it easy to update any information. It helps you use multiple channels such as mobile, web, print media, etc. to improve your visibility. It also helps you publish your product related information to multiple media types.

Data Simplicity

PIM helps you gain control over complex data and arrive at a meaningful analysis. It helps increased data transparency as the organization data is well referenced. You can create a complex product category into a simplified hierarchy. You can create web and print catalogs with pivot tables, grouped tables, etc. PIM allows generations of complex information with multiple attributes for different parts of the product. It can manage the data complexity of the products and their accessories in the central database.

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