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PIM helps provide rich and accurate product listings for an organization, thus helping your organization succeed by attracting and selling to new customers. It lets you extend into sales channels such as webstores and marketplaces apart from the traditional channels. Questudio’s PIM solution called CatalogStudio helps make sense of unruly and messy data. PIM solves typical issues that an e-commerce firm faces. Some of the common issues solved by PIM are:

Centralized Data

More often than not you have multiple product data spreadsheets that need to be consolidated on a webstore. These spreadsheets follow diverse data formats, names, colors, size etc. PIM creates a master catalog out of all the product data. The centralized place for all the product data translates into one location for product information management. You can tailor the data for your sales channel according to your requirements such as editing, importing, exporting, publishing, creating subsets etc.

Data Transformation

Product information usually comes from different sources such as an old e-commerce system or ERP system. Product catalogs of different formats are another source for the PIM data. It requires many resources to clean up all the data, organize it and make meaningful analysis. Data transformation by PIM can make convert messy data into usable and rich product information. This PIM allows a configuration where configurable matrix of products can be created.


Many a time, product data is in a state where normalization of data is required. It is a tedious process and the chances of errors increase. PIM makes sure that you can edit all your product data at once according to your requirements. You can establish workflows for your data along with automatic rules that transform the data regularly. Bulk editing and transformation allow you to concentrate on running your business.

Data Validation

It can be detrimental when a customer realizes that the product information mentioned on website or the catalog is wrong. PIM takes care that data is validated before it is published. You can preview your listing. You can receive error notifications or restrictions from listing products whenever data is wrong or incomplete. This can keep both irate customers and clients at bay.

Build Collections

It is important to create collections of products for seasonal promotions, sales or to make site navigation easier. However, building collections becomes a hassle when there are too many items to be included. PIM saves time and effort involved in creating collections. You can build collections exactly as you need them. You will be able to create collections easily and automatically on the criteria you set.

Reusable Templates

A store that has products that are not listed correctly does not perform well. It gets challenging to cater to different platform requirements. Thus it is advisable to use reusable spreadsheet templates with the same data in different formats. PIM helps you make customizations on using the product templates in various ways according to the channel requirement.

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