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What is the importance of PIM?

What is the importance of PIM?

Importance of PIM Today’s trend is to analyze and buy products online. According to a retail diving poll, moreover, 65 percent of shoppers perform huge

How To Choose Best PIM Software In 2021

How To Choose Best PIM Software In 2021

As businesses and retailers expand their product offerings, they achieve more product data. By offering a central storage repository, product information management (PIM) software alleviates

Version 10.9 – Features

Line Break: MarketStudio while we contribute the values to the particular family’s and products Level attributes by manual or Importing the data into the MarketStudio

Version 10.7.1 – Features

WebSync Issues/Changes Previously when a user makes changes in CatalogStudio, the changes gets updated in the Source database but will not get updated in the

Version 10.6.2 – Features

Indesign page The following functionalities are implemented in the Indesign page: We have updated 3 InDesign filters into 5 filters. Table Designer page: The following

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