Ways to create a single up-to-date repository of product information

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Here are some ways to create a single up-to-date repository of product information

Omni-channel commerce thrives on product data and more so on organized and cleansed product information. Inefficient sales processes, falling sales revenues and poor brand image are some of the effects of maintaining poor data quality. It becomes difficult for organizations to maintain single up-to-date repository of product information with the help of product content management.

Questudio’s Product Information Management solution CatalogStudio helps create one single source of truth of the vast product data repository. It exercises the process of structuring information and associated schema so that data elements are stored exactly once. Strategies, systems and processes are aligned to manage product data.

Enterprise Service Bus

Omni-channel commerce thrives on the network of distributors, manufacturers and retailers. For seamless functioning of this network a comprehensive solution with single data source is necessary. The Enterprise Service Bus enables multiple systems of the organization to receive updates of data that has changed in other systems. Each system first identifies a single source of correct data for its system. Any changes including the creation, updates and deletion is published by the ESB. Following which the rest of the systems that are subscribed to this update bring their systems to be up-to-date. Product Information Management involves combining of data integration and governance to a single, centralized, cohesive repository platform for enabling omni-channel commerce.

 Master Data Management

A single up-to-date repository of product information mandates that data first be cleansed and normalized and then follow a particular standard. Normalization involves organizing fields and relational database tables to minimize redundancy. Extraction of process for aggregation, syndication and maintenance of product information from ERP and related legacy applications becomes the basis for PIM.

Information related to each product may vary in the inventory or the Enterprise Resource Management system. It is important to understand which are the common attributes across products and thus bring only those attributes to the PIM software.

In cases where much information is not available about the products in the ERP, Questudio’s content creation experts pitch in to scrub the Internet and gather additional information and store them in the PIM software.

Related images of products have become necessary in order to support commerce. More often than often the images are scattered all over the organization’s IT infrastructure, leading to complex retrieval procedures. Organizing the images and storing them in a common location is hence necessary. Using CatalogStudio, images can be linked within the PIM and broadcast across all channels. The Print Catalog Software then picks up data from the single storehouse of data and consolidates them thus facilitating commerce.

 Data Warehouse

With Catalog Creation Software relying on the data warehouse for creation of the latest product catalogs for commerce, it makes sense to implement unified data approach. A data warehouse supports reporting and analysis of data unified from multiple sources. In fact it serves as the single source of truth. It aggregates information from upstream systems and enforces business processes. Thus data accuracy and synchronization of trusted information is ensured to downstream systems.

Once the data is normalized and images are aggregated and stored in the PIM Software, the information can then be broadcasted across omni-channels. Thus you now know the ways to create a single up-to-date repository of product information

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