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Creative looking catalogs: A product catalog acts as an interface between the organization and the customer who probably would never set foot in your store.  A catalog exposes one’s customers to all the amazing products that the company offers and thus is an effective way to grow one’s customer base. Are you in need of creative looking catalogs? Online Catalog Management Software solution by Questudio enables creating online, print or CD-ROM based catalogs accurately and tailored to the target market. Enterprise Product Catalog Automation enables distributors, manufacturers, and retailers to boost sales and streamline product marketing with accurate product information managed in a central database repository.

Creative looking catalogs by Questudio

The software is packed with a plethora of options for designing catalogs according to one’s requirement. The Do-It-Yourself feature eliminates the need of special technical or additional skills to create catalog pages. One can easily produce great looking pages with just a few clicks. The software also allows quick modifications in terms of layouts, index, page numbers, formatting, style, content, etc.

Synchronization of the catalog data with existing systems such as the ERP, MRP, CRM systems is taken care of automatically. This in turn takes care of refreshing of product details like pricing, item descriptions, quantities etc. automatically.

The prerequisites for churning out visually appealing catalogs are:-

Gather Content

The content related to list of products, product features, images of the product, company information, customer testimonials and other related information must be in place. It is also important that the images related to the product help visualize the actual product. Thus including multiple views of the product from different angles is advisable. Overly technical data may steer the customer away from the catalog. One must use short, easy to read sentences and paragraphs.

Planning on the placement of the content is as essential as the content itself. The cover of the catalog is the first thing that the customers see and that can either make or break the catalog.


It is tempting to include every little thing about the product in the catalog. But it is important to select the appropriate size for your catalog. One must consider the usage and audience of the catalog and size it accordingly. Care must be taken to neither overwhelm one’s customer with an overly large creative looking catalogs nor frustrate them with a catalog too small to see images and information clearly.


It is essential to have a catalog long enough to cover all the information that a customer might need and short enough to hold the customer’s attention. One must account for table of contents, additional information pages, company information etc. It is also important to make sure that the pagination is consistent.

If the organization plans to accept faxed or mailed orders, then an order form is a must-have in the catalog.        This will help customers fill the order form and place order for the products they wish to purchase instantly. One must ensure that the order form is not too tedious to fill such that the buyer gives up on buying.

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