Why Online Catalogs Software Is Necessary?

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Online catalog software helps convert static catalogs into publications that are interactive and responsive. They enable viewing of catalogs by anyone, anywhere, at any time on a mobile device or tablet device. Thus customers can make online purchases directly from the pages of the online catalog.

Questudio’s online catalogs software WebStudio is a powerful system that has several modules that help to create, manage and maintain product information in a central repository for catalog publishing.


Online catalog software is necessary for multiple reasons.


Unique and outstanding product catalogs can be created for any data or event. It is customizable to a great extent because of the variety of options provided. One can customize backgrounds, languages, colors and logos according to one’s requirements and specifications.

Updates, edits or deletions can be made based on the changing market conditions. The data in the catalogs can be supplemented with high quality digital media that includes HD images, videos, animations and audio.


A business can make their manuals and catalogs more accessible to their customers and public in general. The catalog is always available online with latest product information that makes search engine optimization easy. It can be embedded on company websites or on social media outlets thus empowering people to share product information or catalog data through social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter etc.


Analytical tools can help decide what content resonates with the consumer. One can hope to optimize content related to product information and also obtain real time insights of the readers. Data such as time spent by consumer on particular pages, articles, videos etc. can be collected. A company can decide what kind of product information is working best for their publications and act upon the findings accordingly.


Online catalog software can broadcast product catalogs based on changing market scenarios, business requirements or customer requests. With the customer base increasingly moving to mobile platforms, it becomes necessary to publish responsive content. Consumers can even place orders directly from the catalog thus eliminating buyer’s procrastination. It helps the business stay constantly updated with the actual inventory levels and stock availability.

The publication evolves to automatically adapt to suit the reader’s device in terms of resolution, clarity, form factors etc. Responsive catalogs thus become a delight for the customers. One can hope to thus captivate their audience with the slickest of catalogs.


An online catalog creator is a very easy to use tool that requires no special skills. It is extremely simple to build catalogs and share them.

The online catalog software has the additional benefit of providing Omni-Channel support. The online catalog can be flipped through on any sort of device – PC, Mac, smartphone, USB, disc or email.


Online catalog software drastically reduces publishing, sales and marketing costs for the company. With distribution being managed online, business can cut on costs and engage in more value added services.

Back up of the database and all user data is maintained on a regular basis. Safety and security of the customer and firm can also be maintained with password protection and keeping the content private.

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