PIM Software for all Types of Industries

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2021 is a challenging yet exciting year for most businesses around the world. With the Covid19 pandemic creating havoc for everyone, companies saw a drastic decrease in sales throughout 2019-20. All physical stores and industries have suffered due to the lockdown. Businesses across the globe have had to restructure their marketing strategies and think digital.

Covid 19 has changed the way customers shop. Since brick-and-mortar shops had to shut physical stores for more than a year, the digital route was the next best option. Online shopping has become the new norm. Small, medium and large-scale industries from various sectors now see the potential in showcasing their products online. Websites are the best way to promote these products.

Marketplaces and eCommerce sites are booming with business. All types of industries can market their products through various channels and increase sales and customer base. 

This change in product marketing strategy has driven businesses to look for software capable of handling large amounts of product data. Most companies relied on PLM, or CRM, for the management of their product data. The problem with the software is that it cannot handle large volumes of product information that include rich content. 

PIM Software for all Types of Industries

Product information management (PIM) software is the preferred software for businesses today. PIM provides rich and accurate product listings for the industry, thus helping it to attract and sell to new customers. It is simple to market through various sales channels such as websites and marketplaces online. 

PIM software is perfect for various industries as it an adaptable software. The PIM solution is helpful to most industries due to its main feature – a central repository that stores all the product information. This central location is a vital element in the smooth running of the software. 

PIM solves the typical issues that various industries face. Let’s look at why PIM software is perfect for all types of industries:

Centralized Data

Various industries deal with varied products that need to be consistent across locations. The centralized place for all the product data in a product information management system means current and up-to-date data management. With the PIM solution, it is easy to upload rich content into the centralized repository as well. It enables businesses to market their products across in an attractive way.

Data conversion

Converting to the digital world is easy for all types of industries with the help of PIM. Most standard software that industries use is ERP or CRM systems. The product information here is in a different format. PIM converts this data into usable and rich product information. It is the reason why so many industries are now moving onto the eCommerce section in 2021.

Normalization of data

Industries are usually in geographically-spaced locations. It also means data handled by a single sector may not be consistent with the other sectors. Normalization of data is a must for the smooth functioning of a business. PIM makes sure that editing product data at once according to requirements is possible. It creates workflows along with automatic rules that transform the data regularly. 

Data Validation

With the pandemic, online shopping is now the center stage with customers. Industries need to showcase their products attractively. Another main factor is that this information must be accurate. Customers make quick but informed choices, and having correct data will help them immensely. PIM takes care that data is validated before it is published. 

It is a boon for industries as order returns are drastically reduced, thereby reducing cost.


Catalogs are a perfect way to help customers know the products. Marketing products during festive seasons, promotions, or sales is a great way to increase sales. Creating catalogs of products, for this reason, is tedious if done manually. PIM saves time and effort involved in creating catalogs. It is effortless to create custom catalogs in a fraction of time. Customers find the catalogs attractive, and this leads to quick sales decisions.

The Product information management system is thus a perfect solution for all types of industries. For industries that want to get online now, knowledge of the right PIM software is a must. There is multiple PIM software available in the market today. 

Questudio is a premier software and service provider for various industries. MarketStudio is their main product that encompasses Product Information Management, Catalog Automation, eCommerce platform, Print/PDF publishing, and multi-channel marketing. Hundreds of businesses have found MarketStudio to be the solution to their problems. With MarketStudio’s PIM solutions, product information management is a breeze. The central repository of MarketStudio delivers the right combination of product management and marketing. 

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