How PIM can help you switch eCommerce platforms

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How PIM can help you switch eCommerce platforms

When it comes to transitioning to new eCommerce platforms, there is a lot to consider. Have you selected the most suitable hosting provider? Are you making use of the proper payment system? Is the customer journey as straightforward as it possibly can be?

You should also take into consideration the following query:

In what ways can you make it simple to transfer all of your product data to the new eCommerce platform?

In this article, we’ll examine whether or not a Product Information Management (PIM) system is the best option for managing product data for your new eCommerce platform, as well as how it can potentially assist you in growing your business.

You’ll learn whether or not PIM e-Commerce Software integration can add value to your company’s operations.

What is Product Information Management (PIM) in eCommerce, and how can it benefit your company?

It is possible to manage all of your product data in one place with a Product Information Management solution, which is a centralized system. This information is then seamlessly pushed to your webshop while remaining in the Product Information Management system for future reference. It becomes easier to add new products and update existing ones, as well as manage content across all of your marketing platforms as a result of these improvements.

So, how can PIM Solution be of assistance to your online store? PIM makes managing eCommerce data easier than it has ever been before. With a single click, you can ensure that your eCommerce platform – as well as all other sales and marketing platforms – displays the correct product dimensions, pricing, and other information.

Maybe you’re currently using an Excel Spreadsheet or a Google Sheet to manage all of your product information and you’re wondering whether it’s worth the investment to upgrade to a more sophisticated system. You may be hosting all of your product data on your existing website, which is the only place where you have access to it.

Just a few of the reasons why product information management (PIM) can give you an advantage when switching to a new eCommerce platform.

You will be able to launch much more quickly.

The task of migrating your existing content to a new eCommerce platform is not an easy one, especially if your products have complex product information as well as a large number of variants and specifications to consider. The good news is that implementing a PIM system can make the transition to a new eCommerce platform much simpler.

It is possible to export data from your existing PIM eCommerce solution, review it and then import it directly into your new platform using PIM software (Product Information Management). Rather than spending hours manually moving data from one site to another or cross-checking spreadsheets, you can use a cloud-based solution.

Do you want to redesign your product data sheets to make them more consistent with the design of your new website? PIM makes it simple to do this as well. Within seconds, your new templates will be pre-populated with all of the product information that you currently have on the system.

Are you launching an eCommerce website in a foreign language? You can store all of your product data in the PIM system, which supports multiple languages, currencies, and measurements, and then push the data to your new eCommerce site directly from the system. Product information management makes it easier and more accurate than ever before to localize your brand across different markets.

Instead of spending their time copying and pasting content, your employees can spend their time making sales and growing your business.

The likelihood of inaccuracies is lower.

An eCommerce store in the United Kingdom once inadvertently advertised a £1,099 television for £199. Clients took advantage of the opportunity to save money, but they were irritated when the company refused to correct the error.

When transferring content from one site to another, Product Information Management System can help to reduce the likelihood of incidents like this happening again. Because all information is stored and updated in a single central database, it is much easier to review and amend information before it is made available for public consumption.

There is also less chance of human error because the information does not need to be manually entered into the eCommerce website.

Your data is yours and yours alone, so keep it safe.

All businesses, large and small, rely on the ability to maintain business continuity. The loss of your product information could be permanent if your new hosting provider goes out of business or your eCommerce site is hit by a ransomware attack.

With PIM, your product data is protected even if your website goes down for maintenance. This is possible because your information is stored separately from that of your other platforms, and you can respond quickly.

Lastly, is PIM a good fit for your eCommerce data management requirements?

If you are considering switching eCommerce platforms but are concerned about transferring your product data from one system to another, product information management (PIM) is something you should seriously consider.

Using a E-commerce PIM software will save you time and allow your team to concentrate on promoting your brand-new eCommerce store to prospective customers.

If you only have a small eCommerce platform with a few products, you may be perfectly content to continue using your current system of spreadsheets and documents for the foreseeable future. PIM, on the other hand, should prove to be a welcome addition to your company as it grows and expands its product offering.

PIM should be implemented either before or after the switch to a new eCommerce platform, depending on your needs and preferences. PIM integration prior to launch allows you to save time by not having to replicate data and allowing you to launch your online store much more quickly.

For more information on how PIM and eCommerce can work together, please contact us today.

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