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One of the biggest challenges companies face is finding ways to expand and reach new markets. Because Internet trends are constantly changing, businesses must adapt through use of digital marketing: social media, content creation, and email campaigns. Another crucial factor in this equation is the digital catalog of your business’s online store.


Examples of Catalog Design

Strengthen your branding through your catalog design by using custom images or audio on page turns. You can also highlight products using various forms of animation and let customers easily choose products with user-friendly buttons. Showcase full product photos to better engage your audience. Internet users are visual by nature, so for them, having the ability to see a product or watch a video can be the difference between casual interest and a sale.

Digital catalogs enable businesses to communicate with their client base. Having a strong design is key to maintaining repeat customers who can find the products they love while attracting new clients in the process.

Questudio’s Catalog Design

The design of an eCommerce website is nearly as important as its functionality. User experience while viewing product information is crucial to keeping customers satisfied. Questudio will develop your eCommerce enabled web pages with a custom web and Catalog design that exceeds your users expectations. Maybe you want to track a certain product or run a promotion. Questudio will customize your catalog design to meet your business’s exact needs.

Questudio’s powerful CatalogStudio adopts a central repository model where the web catalog links and enriches the database with relevant information such as price, stock, attributes, images, e-downloads, and more.

Questudio is a leading provider of turnkey digital commerce solutions that help manufacturers, distributors, and catalogers manage product content efficiently, across various marketing channels to their customers worldwide.

Our mission is to provide cost-effective software and services to expand our customers’ markets and increase revenue. For more information on catalog design, contact us today.

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