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Remember the days of mail order catalogs delivered to your front door? You’d wait eagerly for the oversized catalogs from various retailers to arrive, spend hours flipping through the glossy pages, circling items you wanted to purchase. Mail order catalogs were the way of the future…20 years ago.

Now companies are leveraging their web presence by cataloging their inventory through use of automation software.

What is catalog automation?

Catalog automation, by definition, helps distributors, manufacturers and retailers streamline product marketing with accurate product information managed in a central database repository. With an interactive catalog, users can select and bookmark products and download information.This tool enables consumers to quickly peruse various products with the click of a button.

How does catalog automation affect your business?

Years ago in the days of mail order catalogs and print marketing, recording commercial success of a product was a laborious process. But with catalog automation software, businesses can easily track searches and pull analytical data based on consumer preference in a matter of minutes.

An effective catalog is one that is accurate, engaging, and current. With Questudio’s PIM, Publishing and Catalog Automation solution you’ll significantly decrease time-to-market output. The benefits of our single source repository include:

  • Rapid input, access and maintenance of all product information
  • Seamless integration with marketing materials
  • Flexibility in creating print catalogs, web catalogs and CD catalogs
  • Reduction in overall publishing resource costs and time

Questudio’s catalog automation software, CatalogStudio, provides all the features needed to manage all your product information in one central repository. Some of our software’s functions include:

  • Complex category hierarchies
  • Effective storing, retrieving, and navigation with no limitations
  • Creating buyer groups and managing specific pricing
  • Storing product information and assigning attributes for any industry
  • Storing unlimited descriptions
  • Complete document management including images, CAD drawings, PDFs, multi-media files, etc.
  • Creating pivot and grouped tables for print and web catalogs
  • Open Architecture SQL Database seamlessly integrates with legacy systems

For more information about Questudio’s CatalogStudio, PIM, Publishing and Catalog Automation solutions, contact an expert today to discuss more in depth and find the right solution for your eCommerce business.

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