5 Ways To Boost eCommerce With Social Media

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Social media is the perfect platform for your eCommerce store to expand your brand’s reach and communicate directly with your audience. It allows you to understand customer requirements, answer their queries, and respond to any grievances they may have. Consequently, this helps you grow your online community, increase traffic, and ultimately boost eCommerce sales.

Here are 5 ways you can effectively boost eCommerce with social media.

Post Consistently

In order to grow your social community, it is imperative to post consistently. The more frequently you publish, the more chances there are of people seeing and responding to your posts. Keep in mind though, that the frequency to which you post on social media depends on which platform you are using.

Make sure you are paying attention to the timing of your social posts as well. It’s important to post frequently, but not all at once. Spread your posts out throughout the day and adjust timing based on customer response rates.

Add Social Sharing

An ideal practice to boost eCommerce with social media is to add social sharing buttons on pages and posts within your site. When people share your content, there is a valuable increase in the number of visitors to your site. More visitors equal more possible buyers. Make sure to display your social sharing buttons prominently on your site in order to incite readers to share it with others. Consider placing social sharing buttons:

  • At the header or footer of your website and blog
  • In your e-mail signature
  • Within blog posts
  • In newsletters, ebooks, and white papers

Use Optimal Hashtags

Hashtags (#) allow you to organize your content into distinct categories, which can help you become searchable through social media and increase your brand exposure. Use relevant keywords and an optimal number of hashtags (about 3) for your audience. Don’t overdo it.

Post Relevant Content

In order to keep your audience engaged and establish your company as a trustworthy source for information, assure you are posting and sharing relevant industry content. Post your own blogs, ebooks, or newsletters on current company news, trends, and new products, or share relevant third party content by providing a link and tagging the company. Engage by replying to current followers and future customers to establish a reliable company image that will keep people coming back.

Optimize Company Profiles

One of the easiest, yet most essential things to do on social media is to optimize your company profiles within each platform. This will allow search engines to find you and push you up in rank and for you to create a seamless image for your company that is not only pleasing to the eye, but generates trust and remembrance.

The key things to do in order to optimize your company profiles are:

  1. Include your company logo or a relevant image of your brand.
  2. Include a link pointing back to your main website.
  3. Add a short and to-the-point description of what your company does.

While social networking is extremely prominent in our personal lives, it also provides a tremendous opportunity for your business. Though it is not a direct sales channel, it does offer a means of building trust and understanding between you and your customers. Thus, providing a seamless way to increase customer engagement, and ultimately boost eCommerce sales.

Questudio is a leading provider of turnkey digital commerce solutions that help manufacturers, distributors, and catalogers manage product content efficiently, across various marketing channels to their customers worldwide. We offer promotion management tools to support your multi-channel planning, scheduling and publishing.

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