How Catalog Automation Improves Customer Experience

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In this blog we are going to discuss how Catalog Automation Improves Customer Experience?

Your customers expect a consistent, highly tailored, and contextualized experience across all channels and devices, each time they interact with your brand. It’s not just about grabbing their attention, it’s about keeping it. The 2015 Digital Trends Briefing revealed customer experience as the leading business essential in 2015, as well as the next 5 years to come. How can you stay relevant? By using catalog automation software, your company can ensure a truly effective customer experience.


An all-encompassing and effective customer experience depends on consistency, aesthetics, and user control. Customers want something eye-catching and concise that flows seamlessly across every channel. But, most of all they want each encounter to be tailored to their needs. Here are a few ways catalog automation improves customer experience.


  • Enforced branding. With catalog automation, you are able to create brand-specific catalogs with very little effort. You can import your own fonts, colors, and logos, set up styling to be consistent for each and every channel as well as headers, footers, master pages, and categories. You can even create your own personal template.
  • Up-to-date & accurate. Content management allows you to always provide the most up-to-date and accurate information for your customers. It lets you make cross-catalog updates or product-specific updates in a matter of seconds.


  • Customization. Catalog automation software gives your company an abundance of customizable options. From color to layout to images, you can create a remarkable and appealing catalog based on your customers’ wants and needs.

User Control

  • Complex category organization. The ability to manage categorical organization in any possible combination gives your customers the control they desire. Whether they’re looking for a distinct product, color, or brand in your catalog, you are able to provide them with an accurate catalog.
  • Readability. Catalog automation software is multilingual. It allows you to translate your catalog for customers in a multitude of languages so it is readable for all.
  • Social sharing. Customers want to be able to share things they like with others. Catalog automation lets you provide social sharing buttons throughout your catalog to allow just that.

Having consistent, aesthetically pleasing, and targeted catalog automation improves customer experience and creates brand loyalty.

Modern retailers need catalog automation software to create powerful customer experiences across all channels and devices. The customer is running the show now. If your business doesn’t deliver the information they want, when and where they want it, you may risk losing them.

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