What is a Product Configurator?

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Society today moves at an extremely rapid pace. Efficiency is essential in everything we do, especially business initiatives. Thus, companies everywhere are adopting solutions to cut any wasted time and effort. A product configurator gives companies a competitive edge by boosting their performance and expediency. It allows companies to configure complex products in a quick, accurate, and effective fashion.


Product Configurator 101

A product configurator is a powerful tool that enables you to customize core products, price them and create fast and accurate quotes based on the information. It lets you add and/or change functionalities of items to create entirely custom products for purchase. Product configuration simplifies your product offerings–across all sales channels–for you and your customers.

As technology advances, so do customer demands. They want personalized products at the click of a button, as well as prices. Without the right tools, sales processes can be lengthy and inaccurate. Product configurators allow you to not only meet customer demands, but exceed them.

Features and Benefits of Product Configuration

  • All employees, including new or inexperienced sales reps can sell complex products effectively and efficiently.
  • Visual product configuration lets customers make important purchase decisions.
  • Elimination of errors leads to faster sales cycles and more conversions from leads to customers.
  • Pricing changes are made more efficiently, with more clarity.
  • Advantage over competitors due to quick delivery of accurate, high-quality quotes.
  • Time and effort are reduced in all departments so more time can be spent on growth and profitability.
  • Better margin protection, resulting in increased profitability.
  • It gives power to customers, which improves customer experience and helps you gain brand loyalty.

If your company has complex sales processes, is growing rapidly, or constantly deals with costly errors and pricing problems, a product configurator would be beneficial to you. It takes the stress and confusion out of configuring and selling complex products, ultimately helping your business succeed.

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