What’s Included in Catalog Automation Software?

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Technological advancements and marketing innovations have pushed catalog creation requirements to the next level. Retailers’ objectives become increasingly harder to reach without the proper tools to keep up. If your business relies on print and digital catalogs, you are faced with the challenge of creating unique, brand-oriented material that is timely, consistent, cost-effective, up-to-date, and always accurate.


Time is the most precious resource is today’s dynamic and competitive retail atmosphere. In order to stay relevant, your business needs to simplify and streamline the catalog creation process without losing your originality.

Catalog automation software is key to ensure your company has a competitive edge. It ensures product information is accurate and up-to-date, increases efficiency, speeds up time-to-market, and allows you to create flexible, customized catalogs without restrictions. While every version is different, here’s what’s included in most catalog automation software options.

  • Multilingual conversion – The ability to publish your catalog in your primary language and convert it effortlessly into unlimited other languages.
  • Adobe InDesign integration – Integration with creative publishing software allows you create remarkable layouts with unprecedented flexibility.
  • Content Management – The content management system enables you to centralize product information, check for accuracy and consistency, publish up-to-date content with latest pricing, and easily make updates. It provides the organization of product data and related media through intuitive taxonomy and complex category classifications.
  • Advanced Tables – The ability to create simple product lists and charts, multiple charts breaking down categories and groupings, or extremely advanced tables for print and digital catalogs.
  • Variety of supported formats – There are no limitations on specific channel formats. Whether you’re talking about print, web, automated PDF, mobile, email, etc. it’s all covered in one software to streamline and simplify publication.
  • Digital asset management – The ability to centralize and organize all digital assets, including images, artwork, brand images and logos, spec sheets, YouTube clips and links, PDF’s, etc. They can be linked and searchable for easy access whenever you need them.

Catalog automation software makes catalog publishing effortless, efficient and more innovative than ever before.

Implementing a catalog automation software for your retail business allows you to create an all-encompassing brand experience for consumers. The abundant features provide the tools your business needs to keep up with the changing landscape of retail. Build the brand experience your customers want with accurate, timely, and inspiring catalogs.

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