How Business develops through Omni-Channel Marketing?

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The greatest challenge that retailers face is ensuring that the marketing strategy and its execution is aligned across the channel spectrum. Business that do not cater to the omni-present or the omni-channel customer are at risk of declining revenues and reduced margins over time.

Questudio’s omni-channel marketing services allows you to manage rich product information and create product catalogs, sales collateral, and custom eCommerce web catalogs to market across all available channels.

Consumers can engage with a company in multiple ways – brick and mortar store, company website, mobile app, through social media or through a catalog. They can also access a company through various devices. It could be through a desktop computer, a smartphone, tablet, laptop or by calling a company on the phone. You have to ensure that the customer experience is consistent and complementary across all channels.

Omni-channel marketing can be looked at as an opportunity to reimagine and provide the consumer and the shopper world class experience across all touch points. You see a shift towards more personalized, one to one communication with the consumer from the traditional mass push-based marketing.

Content rules the world of omni-channel marketing. It can make or break a brand. Content does not mean only the TV commercials, website content, print ads or sales team promotions. The number of ways the marketer interacts with the consumer is exponentially rising. Digital engagement and traditional channels must accordingly be augmented by new ways of engaging directly with the consumer-shopper. Creating content for print and web catalogs is a formidable challenge, one which Questudio can solve. Content management services include data extraction, data conversion, data mapping and data cleansing and normalization.

It must be noted that first a high strategy business plan for each stream of business and each vertical must be developed. Each business vertical would have different goals and audiences thus requiring different messaging. Omni-channel marketing programs must be such that they are integrated across multiple channels while being targeted at specific verticals. This must be accompanied with an integrated marketing calendar for each line of business.

Marketing programs must then be designed for each vertical based on market opportunity and customer analytics. Then you must ensure that relationships with key stakeholders and vendors are established. This makes sure that the end to end omni-channel marketing plan is executed for maximum effectiveness.

CatalogStudio system helps in reaching a wide audience with its central data repository, templates and customizability. Questudio’s flexible solution allows for on-demand catalog publishing, rapid sales proposals and quotes. The marketing reports help the customers stay competitive.  It also makes sure that accurate information is readily accessible to staff and customers. You can manage the sales quotations and sales campaigns efficiently.

You can thus hope for high customer satisfaction as a result of customers being helped thoroughly and quickly. This enables business drive increase in year over year sales.

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