How Print catalogs are better than Digital catalogs?

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Ever wondered why even the biggest retailers flood your mailbox with print catalogs even at this digital age. It might seem foolish at the onset especially when the whole world’s market is at the end of your fingertips on your smart phone, laptop or desktop. However, research reveals that Print Catalogs are highly engaging when compared to web or TV.

Though print catalogs may be old school marketing, there are enough studies that reveal that this format plays a crucial role in modern eCommerce. Questudio has experience and knowledge relevant to data collection and content creation for products for various industries.  The content management industry experts can deliver what you want on time – every time.

Print catalogs are looked at a source of stimulus for customers, just like a store window display. It is also looked at as creating an experience similar to roaming through brick and mortar aisles. Most of the stores hope that customers will mark pages in the catalogs and head straight to either a store to buy or shop online.

Customers look through print catalogs to get ideas and inspiration. A well-made print catalog can make customers get ideas for things that they did not even know they wanted before they read the ad. Questudio’s CatalogStudio is a powerful product information management tool for publishing both print and digital catalogs. InStudio, a robust plugin by Questudio for Adobe InDesign, helps churn out creative and attractive publications in a matter of few clicks.

It is also believed that the print catalogs and the online activity on the company website are not separate experiences. Print catalogs influence customers much more than social media, pay per click ads or e-mail campaigns. Print catalogs have been found to encourage consumers to pick up their laptops or mobile devices and do some quick shopping. Thus catalogs act as the style inspiration and the web lets the customer quickly shop without hassles of placing an order on call or filling out a paper form.

Magazines, when targeted to the appropriate consumer segment, turn out to be highly profitable. Print catalogs readers are focused and not multitasking while they’re reading. Readers get exactly the content that they are looking for with truly relevant ads.

Print ads are also the only medium in which more than one of the five sensory responses of a person can be activated. You can capture the customer’s attention through the texture of the paper, the scents, the visuals and the sounds embedded.

You can understand how the content is consumed by consumers in terms of where shoppers linger, which part of publication they are most engaged with, and where they navigate next when live links are available. When a customer navigates to the website to place an order, she must also be asked to input the unique catalog code. Quick response code and short code activation from print ads can also aid in retailers build solid customer databases.
These configurations can help eCommerce teams leverage the advantages of publications.

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