The Magic of Print Catalog Software

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The Magic of Print Catalog Software by Questudio

An organization that relies heavily on catalogs to drive sales and deliver value faces the challenge of creating on time, creative, accurate, catalogs within budget every time. Print Catalog software by Questudio provides everything you need to make your print catalog publishing process efficient. It helps simplify, streamline and accelerate the process of publishing catalogs. This helps in faster, cheaper, better catalogs without compromising on creativity. Print Catalog software has many benefits. Read to know about the magic of Print Catalog Software

Multichannel capabilities

Content management is centralized, which helps in making the same content available on the internet. This eliminates the dual maintenance approach for print and web catalogs. You can make catalogs for every purpose across segments, seasons, events etc. The content does not require any additional software. You can setup products by categories and link products to descriptions, images, vendors. There is no limit to the number of unique catalogs and brochures you can create for different purposes by using the software.

Faster Publishing

You can publish both print and web catalogs quickly with the help of customizable templates, streamlined workflow etc. The same content can then be deployed to web catalogs along with images and product descriptions instantaneously. It can thus reduce time to market and introduce catalogs and products quickly to market. You can also select from different options of layouts, colors, logos, artwork etc. to suit your need.

More Possibilities

You can create a PDF for every product page that is available on the website. The print catalog software is linked to product information management (PIM). Thus, catalog PDF can be automatically updated according to the changes in the website or the PIM software. The software also allows creating light editions of catalogs for sales representatives, dealers, distributors etc. for easy handling. The PDFs are instantly downloadable for immediate printing or can be saved for later use. The software is easily integrated with the existing legacy systems. No special technical knowledge or assistance is required in introducing the software.

Easy Creation

You need not be specially trained for creating high definition, creative and attractive catalogs. You can select from predefined templates and customize them accordingly. You get total control over the design and the content that goes into the catalogs. It is also possible to run the publications without any human intervention. Batch processing of the catalogs can be done with flexibility in job files. It can launch jobs with any configuration and combination of products. It allows generating job files with any tool, or from any system like CRM et al.

Configurations can also be saved for future use for saving time in publications. You can rebuild from previous jobs or update the same with changes. The history of publications is available to the user all the time. This allows viewing past jobs anytime, or designate the job to be tracked or analyzed.

Print catalog software offers multiple solutions in terms of one on one sales, inclusions with shipments, abandoned cart follow-ups, wish list reminders, trade show handouts etc.

InStudio a plug-in for Adobe InDesign CC from Questudio helps flow data from the PIM tool to Adobe InDesign Pages with the help of XMLs. Data can be automatically flown into the pages with the help of pre-defined templates or they can be dragged and dropped into the page if customization is required.  InStudio is an easy to use plugin that one can start using with minimal training.

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