Will Shopping Apps Replace Print Catalog Software?

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Will Shopping Apps Replace Print Catalog Software? Read to know

Questudio’s Print Catalog Software can help create and publish catalogs according to the business requirement. Automated PDF publishing services by QUESTUDIO ensures that the company’s catalog PDF is ready in no time.

Installing shopping apps on mobile devices and tablets is trending in the technology-savvy user’s world. But what is also to be borne in mind is the share of the pie that these technophile users enjoy.

A study by Adobe in 2012 on the attitude of smartphones and tablets reveals that the shopping apps are downloaded typically only after they are exposed to the brand already. It is also found that the shopping apps are downloaded to become familiar with the brand as such.

What this tells us is that the good old print catalogs are doing the groundwork of making consumers aware of their brands. For many companies, and a good number of them, print catalog forms an important marketing mix element even today.

Another finding is that shoppers use shopping apps to discover products or for browsing purposes, rather than actually making purchases. This again raises doubts on the role of shopping apps in replacing the tested way of reaching customers via print catalogs. The cover headers, artwork, presentation of print catalogs are proven to be recurring reminders of one’s business, resulting in successful brand promotion.

Though mobile marketing and particularly mobile eCommerce are gaining importance, it is the print catalog that is found to steer the shopper to make the final purchase. A research by the United States Postal Service determines that catalog recipients typically buy more and spend more money. It is more likely that they will make a purchase rather than shoppers who do not receive the catalogs.

Will Shopping Apps Replace Print Catalog Software?

Print catalogs are found to be more compelling than any other means of media including e-mails. They are found to be the most effective in building relationship sales. Print catalogs can reach areas the Internet does not reach. Thus fragmented markets can be targeted by the business by increasing brand visibility and prospecting.

Effective Omni-channel broadcast can be guaranteed by print catalogs as the web is used in conjunction with the print. More traffic and navigations to the company website can be ensured via the print catalogs. This helps in achieving top of the mind share of the consumer leading to a future successful sale.

There are concerns by some that catalog prints prove to be very expensive and not cost effective in the long run. However, automated catalog creation technologies usage can ensure that there is drastic reduction in fixed costs of design and pre-production costs.

InStudio a plugin for Adobe InDesign helps flow information from the central repository via XMLs. Any changes in price, product description, or images can be incorporated in the print catalog using this powerful plug. This helps generate & publish print catalogs in an every efficient manner.

CatalogStudio, the publishing and catalog automation solution, offered by QUESTUDIO significantly decreases time-to-market output. Questudio’s print catalog software uses templates and links to automatically shape the catalog pages. Links can be directed to the data contained in the product information management system. The product information management system consists of a central repository of information related to products in terms of images, descriptions, prices, etc. that are incorporated in the catalogs.

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