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Online Catalog Management Software helps create catalogs that are more interactive and responsive as opposed to traditional print catalogs. Online Catalog Management Software solution by Questudio enables creating online, print or CD-ROM based catalogs productively and accurately.

A business can hope to improve order accuracy, improve cash flow and thus boost the market share with online catalog management software in place.

Questudio’s WebStudio is a flexible, feature-rich platform that gives business to business and business to consumer companies the ability to quickly deploy a web store or catalog. WebStudio platform can be customized and integrated with the existing IT infrastructure such as ERP Systems, Order Management, and Pricing & Inventory Systems. The central governing system is Questudio’s product information management system called CatalogStudio that forms the content repository.

Online catalog management software allows implementation of the following functionalities.

Power Packed Possibilities

The powerful system of catalog management consists of several modules integrated within the system. This enables creating, managing and maintaining all product related information under one central repository. Additionally, it includes content management, reporting, PDF catalog publishing, work flow management, white-boarding, import/export tools etc. in the most secure method.

Design Options

The online catalogs management software allows categorization of products with any number of tags associated with the product range. This helps in search engine optimization and thus makes spotting of one’s business and one’s products a breeze for the customers. One can easily insert and custom design the products list with attractive design for the eCommerce portal. The content pages and the store navigation pages can be organized with great ease too. Adding, modifying and deleting of product related information can be done across various products all at once.

Social Reviews

Social media engagement can be taken to higher levels with the facility of integrating the catalog or the eCommerce website with the social media platforms. Product or service reviews can instil great confidence for both the business and potential buyers. Promotion of the products and the organization is taken care of without much ado. Prospects of cross-selling and up-selling increase as the software allows featuring related products and accessories.


The online system speeds up the response to new orders, confirmations, modifications, cancellations, pre bookings, or advance notices. The automated processes available render full process visibility. Automated notifications keep both the customer and the business up-to-date about the order status. Accurate order delivery with correct information and faster payments are also ensured. Thus better contractual and procedural compliances are adhered to by the organization.

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