Why should your e-commerce team use a PIM?

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Why should your e-commerce team use a PIM?

How many of you are aware that by 2021… half of all organizations will use a dedicated product information management system, according to Ventana Research? It’s all in the name of providing customers with the best possible experience with the product. Implementing a Product Information Management (PIM) solution is one way to ensure that your company stays one step ahead of the competition. The clock is ticking… The clock is ticking… Is your organization prepared for such an event? Discover how PIM Software can benefit your team’s work and have an impact on business growth.

Say goodbye to the abyss of spreadsheets.

You’re launching 10.000 new products onto the market and collecting thousands of data points about each of them at the same time. In the body of an email, a spreadsheet, a printed catalog, and an employee Dropbox account are all examples of how you can get a piece of work done quickly and efficiently.

Isn’t it clear that things are in disarray? You must compile all of this information into a single location for your convenience. Of course, you must complete the task in a timely and accurate manner. You can do this the old-fashioned way, by typing them into an Excel spreadsheet. By manually completing this task, you are delaying the distribution of information to all of the channels through which your customers make purchases.

That’s not all, either… A colleague in the marketing department has requested that you send product information to promotional materials as soon as possible. The content editor is unable to locate the information that is required to create engaging content in the given time frame. The IT manager informs you that your current system is unable to handle the volume of questions from customers regarding product returns, and you accept his explanation.

Unfortunately, this is not a science fiction story, but rather a nightmare that many e-commerce teams have to deal with on a daily basis. If you notice similar issues in your organization, you should be aware of two things: first, you should be aware that the issue is not unique to your organization.

In addition to other businesses, they are encountered by these individuals. Based on the findings of Ventana Research, the vast majority of organizations are satisfied with their product information management efforts up to a point (1).

– Thanks to the Product Information Management software, you can finally say goodbye to chaos in product information management.

Hello, and welcome to PIM heaven.

PIM stands for product information management system, and it is responsible for storing all product data.

E-commerce PIM Software is a useful tool that can be used to:

Product information that is consistent and comprehensive across all sales channels can be created, managed, and shared with customers and prospects.

– Improves the overall customer product experience across all channels.

The flow of product information within the organization and between business partners is improved (suppliers, manufacturers, etc.).

What do the members of the e-commerce team consider to be critical? Employees such as category managers, marketing managers, information technology managers, and even customer service representatives benefit from the PIM system because it streamlines their work and saves them time and energy.

What does it look like in practice?

Category Manager is a position that requires extensive knowledge of a specific category.

A Category Manager is a type of guardian who is in charge of a specific product group or line of products. As a result, he must do everything in his power to ensure that the offer is as complete as it can be. Among his responsibilities are accepting product content, checking for and correcting errors, categorizing the product line, and setting up sales and communication channels.

The Online PIM software assists category managers in the following ways:

Because it will automatically detect errors in entered data (push notifications, validation fields, etc.), the number of errors will be reduced, making content verification much easier.

– Increases control and security over data stored in a single location by centralizing administration.

– Enables the export of product information to a variety of distribution channels (e-commerce, catalogs, SEO, mobile, marketplace, and so on).

Marketing Manager is a position that you can apply for.

When working in e-commerce, the marketing manager’s job is to provide customers with the best possible product experience while also keeping track of the store’s most important metrics, such as conversion rates. In addition, the marketing manager is responsible for updating the product offer.

Nowadays, a shop’s website isn’t the only place where customers can find information about its products. An omnichannel strategy necessitates the dissemination of information through all channels through which customers can be reached. Therefore, marketing managers must ensure that information is consistent across a variety of distribution platforms. They frequently have to sift through hundreds of e-mails and files because they do not have a centralized database. The result is a feeling of frustration as well as a lack of productivity.

What role does the Ecommerce PIM Software play in the marketing efforts of the manager?

– Makes it simpler to access all of the product information in one convenient location.

– Makes it easier to organize and analyze large amounts of information.– Increases the speed with which information is exported across multiple channels.

– Improves the overall product experience for consumers, which has a positive impact on sales growth and profitability. Regardless of the purchasing channel through which they make their purchases, 87 percent of consumers believe that product content is extremely important in their purchasing decisions. 50 percent of consumers who purchase products from an online store return them because the products do not match the description provided by the retailer (2).

Manager of information technology

When it comes to data security, the IT manager acts as a business partner, seeking out and implementing the most appropriate technological solutions for the organization. Along with business development, it must also be prepared to adapt to changing conditions.

Because e-commerce is growing at such a rapid pace, the company currently sells in multiple channels on a single market, but it expects to be able to expand into new markets and sales channels in the coming years. More requirements are generated on a larger scale, and the IT manager is then confronted with the problem of determining the efficiency and accuracy of the solutions that have been implemented.

What role does the PIM Software play in the work of the IT manager?

Enhances data control and reduces the likelihood of data loss, resulting in cost savings.

– Allows for the expansion of stores through scalability Product offerings, marketing channels, and languages available increase in tandem with a company’s rapid expansion or evolution.

Integrates with other platforms (ERP, CMS, and e-commerce) without causing problems, and allows for easy modification and customization of the system to meet specific business requirements (open source). This allows for the faster and more cost-effective addition of new functions to the system.

Expert in providing excellent customer service

The efficiency with which product information is managed improves the overall quality of customer service. It is less likely that a potential customer will contact customer service when they have found trustworthy product information. Customer service that is quick and efficient is not only a pleasant surprise for him, but it also has an impact on conversion rates as well. This is supported by e-commerce studies: Customers prefer to purchase from businesses that provide excellent service, according to 7 out of 10 respondents (3). Furthermore, according to Ventana Research, improving customer service is one of the primary business objectives that motivates a company’s decision to implement PIM (4).

What role does the Product Information Management software play in providing excellent customer service?

The number of inquiries and product complaints is reduced as a result of more accurate product information.

Enhances employee responsiveness to customer requests by increasing employee response time (employees have access to a central database containing product information).

– Assists in increasing customer awareness of the store’s offerings. It will be easier and more convenient for customer service representatives to access product information.

Information flow is increased as a result of this. Employees will no longer be required to send hundreds of e-mails about products because, thanks to the Product Information Management software, they will be able to quickly locate the information they require.


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