What role does a PIM system play in increasing customer satisfaction?

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Achieving the highest possible level of customer satisfaction in today’s competitive e-commerce environment is critical. Customers who are truly satisfied with your products and services return to your store and become repeat customers. A customer relationship management system (CRM) can assist in a variety of ways, including:

Product Specifications in Great Detail

Product information that is both comprehensive and detailed is a selling point in and of itself. Customers want to know as much as they possibly can about the products they are purchasing in order to feel confident in their decision to make the purchase. A customer may look for alternatives from a different website if the PIM eCommerce Software is inconsistent, out-of-date, or simply lacking.

Customers will be more satisfied with their purchases if they receive more accurate and detailed information. Providing them with more accurate and detailed information will likely reduce the number of returns. Suppose your clothing store only lists the sizes (small, medium, and large), you will be more likely to receive returns than if you list the exact measurements of each item.

Consumers in the United Kingdom returned products because they “didn’t fit,” according to a survey conducted in 2020. If more detailed product information had been provided, consider how many of these situations could have been avoided!

Media that is more effective

Customers can get a better idea of what to expect from a product by viewing it in high-quality images and videos, which can help them feel more like they’re in a physical store. Short videos of models wearing the clothes are available on ASOS, for example, as well as information about the model’s height and weight.

Customers can get a good idea of how the clothing will fit by looking at the model. Once installed,  Questudio Product catalog management system will deliver images to your website in the most efficient format and size possible, reducing page loading times and improving the customer experience.

There are several channels.

Using the PIM Software, you can easily distribute your products through a variety of distribution channels. For example, you might consider selling on Amazon or other retailers, or you might consider storing data in multiple languages for different versions of your website. Providing customers with the option to browse using their preferred method will almost certainly increase customer satisfaction.

Website Usability Has Been Improved

Starting with a clearly structured category tree, users can more easily navigate the site and find what they are looking for more quickly and easily than they otherwise would. Products with detailed attributes and up-to-date information, on the other hand, can be used for filtering purposes to assist customers in discovering new products, and vice versa.

The marketing team will be able to devote more time to the website’s content, layout, and design as a result of less time spent on updating product content on the website, as well. When combined with improved media and more detailed product information, product information management system (PIM system) can make a significant difference in providing customers with a more enjoyable and faster website experience.

Providing Excellent Customer Service

With a centralised database containing all of your product information, your customer support teams will have easy access to all of the information they require in order to respond to any customer queries or complaints. A customer support representative may discover any errors in the data, and these can be corrected and published across all channels as a result of the improved communication between departments.

Customers who genuinely enjoy the process of purchasing and using your products are more likely to do business with you again in the future. This can even result in an exponential increase in customer satisfaction as existing loyal customers provide more detailed reviews and praise for your company as their numbers grow. When it comes to PIM Software, it is not only about improving internal processes; it is also about the impact it can have on the customer’s experience with your products.

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