What Can PIM Software Do For You?

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Industry-leading companies everywhere are embracing product information management (PIM) systems as the next strategic development to survive today’s enhanced business environment. PIM can provide you the competitive advantage and accessibility to stay ahead. That’s not all PIM software has to offer, though.

A PIM system is intended to maintain the reliability and integrity of product information. It can offer copious capabilities in a multi-channel environment. Here are a few major things PIM can do for you and your business.

Integration and consistency

PIM software seamlessly integrates with other systems such as e-commerce packages, ERP, CRM, accounting systems, point of sale systems etc. This eliminates unnecessary costs, and creates a consistent image across all channels.

Control Publishing

Before live operation, PIM lets you preview the layout and look of the products and its collection to personalize and perfect it. It validates the data, exports the product information for catalog printing and designates specific collections for specific channels.

Data normalization

PIM assimilates data from assorted systems and intelligently maps sales data to eliminate redundancy and ensure cohesion. 

Enriched product data

PIM allows you to create attractive and personalized product catalogs. You can highlight attributes, have enhanced images and have a provision for flexible pricing. This gives you a competitive edge in marketing your products and strengthens your overall brand image. 

Taxonomy of cataloging

PIM gives you the ability to create collections or groupings of products and complex, unlimited category hierarchy. This boosts consumer’s ease of shopping, as well as convenience.

The capabilities of PIM software are abundant and vary from system to system. However, all systems considerably improve consistency, efficiency, customer experience, and time-to-market. They reduce time spent on manually preparing product data and marketplace listings and develop a creative and coherent business image.

Product information is a simple concept, but can create innumerable opportunities to increase sales and services and enhance brand loyalty and customer experience. To schedule a live demo of Questudio’s PIM software, contact us today.

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