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Customers have high expectations. They want all the information about a product they can get, when and where it is most convenient for them. They also want this information to be concise, customized, and consistent. Poorly integrated product data with incorrect pricing, misinformation, disorganization, and inconsistency can lead to frustration, and can often send your potential customers elsewhere. The best way to meet your customer’s high expectations, improve the customer experience, and build loyalty is with a well-integrated PIM system.


Product information management systems merge and consolidate all product data in a central repository. This gives improved business performance and operational efficiencies to an organization, while also providing a single, consistent view of all products for customers.


PIM software allows you to offer creative and customized ways to navigate your site to customers. Here are just a few options you can utilize with PIM:

  • Comparing and contrasting products
  • Sorting by price, color, size, and other details
  • Making recommendations based on products with similar aspects
  • Having customers take a survey to pick ideal products

This helps create a customized and creative web experience for each customer, which will make him or her want to return time and time again.


Reaching your customers does not have to end when the store closes. PIM simultaneously and consistently ensures that the latest promotions and product updates are reflected through all channels and marketplaces, and to each customer. The ability to update every channel seamlessly at once allows customers to browse on the channel of their choice, whenever and wherever that may be.

Customers know what they want. Your job is to point them to a product that fits their needs in an efficient, effective, and creative way. They need clear, concise, and consistent information to navigate them toward a sale, which can be accomplished by integrating a PIM system.

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