What does your product information say to the customer?

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Product information is the data related to the product that helps customer buy the product. Consumers today demand rich data and related images to make their purchasing decisions. In today’s content driven commerce environment, it is important to have detailed product information.

Product information flows through multiple departments, such as IT, accounts, sales, marketing etc., across an organization.  The precise flow of the data is essential for successful touch points on the customer side. Questudio’s Product Information Management makes use of processes and technologies to manage information about products centrally.  PIM acts as a single repository for all product data coupled with data integration and governance capabilities.

A business through its product information conveys the following to the customer:

Unique Selling Point

A seller must strategically answer the customer queries on what the business is, what they do and why they must buy the product. PIM helps in letting the customer know the unique attributes and details that sets one apart from the rest. It also tells the customer how the product benefits can lead to the outcomes that the customer is looking for.  Product information can also address customer objections in making the product purchase. Missing product information can more often than not send the customer to the competitor.


Many times the product catalog or the eCommerce websites prove to be overwhelming to first time users.  A customer can be guided through the procedures in placing an order. Important information on product details, how to order, payment options, shipping costs and options, status reports, return policy, grievance handling aids the buyer during purchase.


Third party validation such as customer testimonials, case studies, rewards, client lists, awards and recognition, news tells the potential customer about the business and about its quality. It underpins confidence and trust in the buyer’s mind.

Back End Integration

Customers, particularly B2B customers, are concerned about supply and timely delivery of the goods.  A customer needs to be assured that he can hope for a long-term relation with the retailer. The synergy of the manufacturers, distributors, retailers is reflected in the product marketing. Questudio’s CatalogStudio PIM software has a centrally managed database repository. This boosts sales by streamlining product marketing with accurate product information in place.


An eCommerce website user is wary of his data security and thus avoids making purchases online. A secure socket layer tells your customers that the data exchanged between the customer and the website is protected. The related evidence also lets the customer know about the additional safeguards that the business takes.


For many customers the buying process does not end with the mere purchase of the product. They want to constantly be in touch with the seller for product updates or voicing out their concerns. Feedback mechanism builds customer confidence.  It encourages customers to keep coming back to you, leading to repeat purchases.

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