Omnichannel Broadcasting of Products & Product Information

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An omnichannel customer is identified as buying from the brand rather than buying online or offline. In omnichannel retailing, a customer is to be provided consistent shopping, research, and purchasing and fulfilment experience irrespective of the channel. Hence the need for an equally ubiquitous omnichannel broadcasting of products and product information arises.

Omnichannel broadcasting of products and the related product information has to ensure that consistent and up-to-date content reaches the customer across channels. The consolidated information is retrieved as systems integrate easily to the organization’s existing CRM and ERP systems.

Questudio’s WebStudio is a flexible, feature-rich platform that gives companies the ability to quickly deploy a web store or catalog. It can be customized and integrated with the existing IT infrastructure such as ERP Systems, Order Management, and Pricing & Inventory Systems.

Omnichannel publishing of products takes care of the following

Real-time Data

Majority of customers today are found traversing through the online shopping site and then brick-and-mortar store and vice versa. They need great level of control and freedom to access and wide choice on goods they purchase. In such a scenario, omnichannel broadcasting must relay the real-time information on the exact product stock, variants, availability etc. The systems need to be agile to display up-to-date information.

Customer Analytics

Sharing of information, in terms of reviews, comments, likes, dislikes, online visits, purchases by the consumer, has become an increasingly popular phenomenon. This has become a reality thanks to omnichannel broadcasting of products. Predictive consumer analytics has been growing at an even faster pace where the retailers can draw conclusions on the shopping patterns. Individual shopping experiences based on this information can be created for a number of customers.

Optimized Stock

The online and offline store get seamlessly integrated in case of omnichannel operations. Omnichannel broadcasting of products thus allows companies to maintain optimized stock levels. It helps in just-in-time replenishing, reduce or eliminate nonproductive goods. Key product information, attributes and associated images are made standardized, accurate and readily available for the retailer, customer and their trading partners.

Greater Visibility

Taking stock of inventory is usually a very expensive, time consuming and excruciating task. Omnichannel broadcasting with the help of radio frequency identification (RFID) gives greater visibility.  Inventory tracking, identification and inventory management become a core capability in omnichannel retailing. Inventory accuracy and greater supply chain visibility also become a possibility with the integrated broadcasting competence.

Customer Reach

Omnichannel broadcasting supports direct to customer fulfillment. It allows to locate the customer and his preferences and then match his requirements with the surrounding brick-and-mortar or online stores. The company can then choose the most efficient location from which an order can be shipped in terms of proximity to the customer and stock availability.

In this endeavor, Questudio’s MarketStudio is a next generation web browser that helps in browsing rich product content, generate catalogs, quotes & reports, run marketing campaigns, among other things thus aiding omnichannel broadcasting.

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