Product Information Management is Key for Mobile Commerce

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Mobile devices can no longer be disregarded as a simple tool for texting and gaming. They are an imperative tool for keeping up with consumer’s needs and allowing immediate access to your store. As the environment flourishes for mobile commerce, it’s vital for retailers to offer a seamless, functional, and compelling shopping experience through the mobile marketing channel. Accuracy and consistency in product information management is key for mobile commerce.

Why is PIM necessary in mobile commerce?

A retailer that lacks a PIM solution for mobile commerce faces the risk of losing customers and therefore, profits. Regardless of channel, the demand for accurate and consistent product information when searching for and purchasing products is extremely high. Product information management (PIM) allows retailers to serve the needs of site visitors immediately when they interact with their mobile devices. It enables product information to not only be accurate across every channel, but also consistent. It also creates faster time-to-market, improves competitive advantage, and increases sales.

Most of all, however, PIM gives consumers a better overall experience with your brand.

Consumers are using their phones for even more than just shopping. They’re comparing prices to find the best deal, they’re posting information about products and services on social media and sharing it with friends, and they’re reviewing your business and products in real time. Consumers are also comparing the prices online with prices in-store while they are actually in the store. Therefore, your mobile commerce strategy should bridge the gap between online and offline channels. It should provide the consumer with the right information at the right time in order to gain customer trust and loyalty.

Your customers use more than one sales channel to shop for any given transaction. Therefore, it is absolutely vital to have consistent and accurate data across all channels. Mobile commerce is only going to continue to expand, and other channels will probably follow soon after. But, regardless of what the future holds, retailers need to embrace a product information management solution in order to remain relevant and prosper.

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