Mobile Commerce is a Revolutionary Tool

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Mobile Commerce is a Revolutionary Tool: Mobile devices are becoming more and more of an essential tool for brand marketers, so much so that mobile commerce has become just as powerful as eCommerce. With more mobile devices in the world than people, consumers now expect their smart phone experience to be as seamless as their web, and even their in-store experience. Thus, retailers must work even harder to keep their customers happy on all platforms.

What is mobile commerce and why does it matter?

Mobile commerce is a revolutionary tool that embraces mobile apps and websites. It has completely transformed the way retailers promote, market, and sell products and services. Consumers use mobile commerce to research and compare products, check prices, and even purchase items on their phones. In order for retailers to be successful, they must not think of mobile commerce, ecommerce, and in-store shopping as separate channels. Instead, it’s imperative to view all channels as a whole, thus creating a seamless and consistent brand experience.

Screens are dominating our society, especially mobile screens. It’s often the first and last thing we look at each day. They can no longer be ignored or disregarded in business. In 2013, a report by MIT revealed that 80% of shoppers checked prices online before visiting retailers in the store. About 33% accessed mobile information while inside the actual store, and the numbers have surely increased rapidly since. Internet Retailer estimates that 1.09 billion people will make at least one purchase through mobile commerce in 2018.

We’re still in the early days of mobile commerce but, given consumer’s desire for speed and convenience, as well as the endlessly increasing number of smart phones in the world, mobile commerce is only going to expand. Remember, consumers are in the driver seat. They demand information when and where they want it, and they expect a seamless experience, no matter the channel. If you don’t keep up with the consumers, your business can easily fall behind.

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