Why PDF publishing must be automated?

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Retailers, be it B2B, B2C or eCommerce, find catalogs are a crucial means to reach out to their customers. Catalogs, both online and in print, are first published in PDF (Portable Document format) format after which it is either printed or circulated electronically. eCommerce business find themselves rolling out catalogs almost daily or sometimes hourly. It is imperative for such business to automate the PDF publishing process. Automated PDF publishing solution by Questudio helps one accelerate the catalog creation process. It standardizes routine PDF tasks and make complex and repetitive tasks easy to execute.

Why PDF publishing must be automated?

PDF is a universal file format that helps preserve images, fonts, and layout of documents created on a wide range of applications and platforms. It is the standard for secure and reliable distribution and exchange of electronic documents. Publishing a PDF involves creating a PDF file that is complete, can be viewed, shared or printed by anyone. It is the automated transformation of source data into formats suitable for presentation. A typical PDF publishing action confirms that content from multiple sources is aggregated and formatted for publishing to PDF format or for print. PDF documents can be printed on any kind of device. They can be viewed on the web on any sort of devices or burned to a CD.

Automating PDF publishing ensures that the PDF files are prepared the same way every time. It can also make sure that no step is missed out on. One can consistently and quickly complete PDF preparation tasks.PDF publishing actions can be automated by creating prebuilt actions. Dealing with a single file or a batch of files, the automated actions help run a sequence of tasks with just a single click.

Prebuilt functions allow you to restart, skip, stop or rerun a set of processes according to your requirement. Multistep tasks with complicated actions can be completed by automation too. You are guided through every step of the process.The prebuilt actions can be also modified to business needs. You can also create your own built in actions and update them quickly.Automating PDF files also ensures that you conform to the publishing standards. The non-conforming documents can be fixed and made compliant.

A well implemented PDF publish system helps companies reduce publishing time and costs, while increasing information quality. It ensures timely delivery of consistent and formatted information. Automating PDF publishing can cut down on the employee hours spent on publishing. It can free them from the repetitive tasks and leaving them free for more productive functions. Automatic PDF publishing facilitates an information management strategy with accent on speed and accuracy. You can focus on the content of the document rather than the mechanics of publishing. Automating PDF is the ultimate solution for creating high quality PDFs from any sort of source files from a centrally managed environment.

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