B2B Catalog Creation Software – An Overview

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B2B customer needs are changing at a fast pace. They expect a highly efficient B2C-like experience when they make a purchase – whether they engage with retailer’s online, offline or on their mobiles. Thus the catalogs catering to the B2B customers need to evolve accordingly.

Questudio’s CatalogStudio is powerful software to create full line and specialty catalogs. It consists of several modules providing the features needed to create, manage and maintain all product information in one central repository. Its functionality also includes PDF catalog publishing and content management. One can create both print catalogs and web catalogs with equal ease.

The design of a catalog is as important as its functionality. A catalog creation software helps in the process of creating catalogs in multiple formats. The catalog production is maintained such that it picks up data from the product information management system. This database consists of cross-referenced part numbers that in turn is referenced to the inventory management system. This allows automatic price updates and updated catalogs at all times.

The catalogs created by catalog creation software provide structured and detailed product data. One can store product information and assign attributes for any industry. Specific attributes with unlimited descriptions required to make the buying decisions can also be stored. Better informed buyers have increased customer loyalty which in turn increases sales.

Complete document management is possible with the software. This includes incorporating images, multimedia files, CAD drawings, PDFs etc. in the catalog. Grouped tables and pivot tables can be created with ease, these can be included in the catalogs.

CatalogStudio has the feature of effective data storage, retrieval and navigation with no limitations. It has an open architecture SQL database which provides seamless integration with legacy systems. ERP system, order processing system and other legacy systems can be integrated with the PIM thus putting centralized content repository concept into practice.

It also allows classifying one’s customers according to the business requirements. One can create buyer groups and accordingly manage specific pricing logic for the groups. One can generate catalogs suitable to regional requirements. Catalogs can be made in multiple languages with various currency conversions and region specific tax calculation.

Contrary to the popular belief, B2B customers are increasingly using other platforms like the web and mobile space apart from print catalogs for placing their orders. CatalogStudio helps in quickly adapting to changing business needs. It lets companies be agile and fine-tune their catalogs depending on the offers and promotions.

One of the key modules that are optionally available with CatalogStudio is called Whiteboard. This tool helps both the marketing and the design team to effectively place products in catalog. It has a powerful workflow option that can categorize products on their performance and thus enable appropriate product placement. It helps marketing managers approve or reject products in the catalog placement based on their past performance.

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