Multichannel Marketing

Multichannel Marketing is publishing your information across relevant marketing channels such as eCommerce Website, Web Portals, Print/PDF, Emails and Market exchanges (such as Amazon). Product Information Management software such as MarketStudio helps you manage all your information in a central repository and publish them to different channels. This way the information shared across the different channels is true and do not conflict with each other. It can be expensive and time-consuming to try and put together an in-house program to collect product information and then output using various marketing media. Questudio has solutions for this and has years of experience in helping companies with this challenge.

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Multi Channel Marketing Features

  • Turnkey Solutions for Cross-Channel Marketing
  • MarketStudio for centralized Product Content Management
  • InStudio and PDFxPress for Print/PDF Publishing
  • WebStudio and API’s for online Catalog and Content Syndication
  • Industry-based product classification to meet Multichannel Marketing


  • Accurate product information readily accessible to staff and customers
  • Increased market reach and grow Sales Revenue
  • Automation and efficient Product Information Management
  • Integrated Solution with Central Product Repository
  • Flexibility in creating custom and template based Catalogs
  • Overall reduction in Publishing and Maintenance Costs
best pim solutions
best pim solutions


  • Initial Analysis to understand Vision and Requirements
  • Develop Multichannel Marketing Strategy
  • Phased approach to implementing Strategy
  • Create Product Repository and all Integration Points
  • Custom development and process improvements
  • Production deployment and on-going maintenance Support

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