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Everything about how does a PIM work

Online presence is the need of the hour for all business enterprises today. 

Small-scale ventures to large retail organizations have all taken their business online. Even small brick-and-mortar stores looking to increase sales see the potential of having a website and marketing their products through it.

Most businesses deal with a plethora of products that cannot be handled manually. Ecommerce PIM System is needed to keep product information consistent. The important step that a business needs to take is choosing the right software to handle this product information. One such software tool is PIM. It is a required tool for online businesses to be successful. 

What is PIM?

PIM stands for Product Information Management where all the products and their attributes are integrated and managed. The product information like price, images, color, weight, dimensions, etc. are all the attributes that a PIM manages. 

Businesses today are widespread with offices and factories all over the world or country. This means that accurate product information needs to be shared across these sites. Without a software system in hand, when product details are updated at one site they may not be reflected at other sites instantaneously. A PIM software integrates all product information and so the management of the overall database becomes much easier. 

Various companies offer PIM software for product information management. The problem with these is they can integrate only a couple of sectors of the business or that they are unable to go online. Finding the right PIM software is vital for an increase in sales and ROI.

A crucial element to a PIM

Most PIM software available in the market is not up to the mark. They lack a crucial element that makes PIM successful. Questudio is a premier software and service provider which offers a customer a very unique take on PIM system.

Questudio has developed MarketStudio that integrates a Online PIM software solution along with product catalog and eCommerce website creation. MarketStudio’s PIM solution has a centralized repository which is a solution to the many problems attributed to a bad product data management system. This powerful online software has features that help the customers to manage the product information, images, descriptions, prices, and any other data as well as provide a seamless way to publish this data to multiple channels for marketing. Rich content in the form of images, videos, PDFs, literature can also be stored in the central repository and then be directed to the website. Let us know about How does a PIM work in the following.

How does PIM work?

With the central repository, MarketStudio’s PIM solution is the right choice for all businesses. Hundreds of companies have trusted Questudio to solve their problems and bring them success. Each of these businesses has attributed its success to the eCommerce Product Information data management system. 

Let’s have a look at how does a Online PIM Software work and the features that make it so successful.

  • Centralized data collection

PIM has a central repository that helps customers from any industry. Here businesses can manage their products into several groups, categories, etc. Product information is stored in the central location. This simple task means even if the business has several departments all dealing with products in different ways, data is consistent across. 

From this central location, any department can access the product information and make changes, if necessary. This update is reflected in other departments and so data is always accurate and up-to-date. With extensive attributes, prices, images, etc. customers can easily search, cross-reference, and filter products. 

  • Ease of business

The central repository makes it very easy for employees to handle product information. Once the repository is created, customers can easily update the products and create workflows to ease business processes. Importing and exporting product data is quite easy and simple. New products can be added to the repository with the same ease. Normalizing product information and keeping it accurate is simple with a central location.

  • Integration with website 

The data, once collected in the central repository, is used for the creation of the website. MarketStudio retrieves the information stored in the repository to create stunning web pages. The rich images stored in the repository are uploaded to the website. Current product information is always maintained on the websites in this manner. This is a helpful feature as customers with the intent of buying are always looking for in-depth information regarding a product. 

  • Catalogs creation

Product Information Management also deals with the publishing of catalogs using multiple channels. 

Publishing products online or in print form is the best way to increase sales. MarketStudio helps customers to publish the content present in the central repository to Web, PDF catalogs, Print as well as CDs. Custom catalogs are created with information taken directly from the central repository of the PIM Software solution.

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