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Knowing how to use a Digital Catalog Automation Software can be a valuable tool for your company if you know what you’re doing. It’s accepted for people to think of an online catalog as simply an electronic version of a printed catalog, but it’s so much more than that.

What is a Digital Catalog Software, and how does it work?

When brand manufacturers, their teams, and distributors use a Digital Catalog Software, they can asset from it because it helps to keep product information up to date while also making it easily accessible and usable by all of the parties involved.

With the help of a Digital Catalog Builder, you can do the following:

  • Create custom catalogs on-the-fly with little effort;
  • Product selection should be based on a set of criteria that are clearly defined.
  • Assist sales representatives in displaying your products by providing them with a clean, easy-to-use display format.
  • Access to product information should be made available to all members of your organisation.

Here are the top five advantages of using digital product catalogs, which we’ll go over in greater detail.

Advantages of using a Digital Catalog Management Software

A competitive advantage is gained by businesses through the use of Product Catalog Software.

Because not all retailers have access to digital technology, it is critical for brand manufacturers who sell to retailers of all sizes to be capable to provide product assortment in a clean, simple, and easy-to-use manner in order to foster long-term relationships with retailers.

As a result of the ease with which customers can access Soft-Digital Tex’s Catalogs, the bedding and mattress company has seen a 300 percent increase in the number of orders placed by customers. Did they have a special formula that allowed them to achieve such high levels of success?

When Soft Tex has the capacity of providing buyers with access to the Digital Catalog Software, the company distinguishes itself as a stronger and more convenient partner with which to do business than other vendors.

Increase inventory availability by utilising drop shipping that is integrated with an enterprise resource planning system.

Brand manufacturers who work with small independent retailers such as mom and pop shops, in particular, can use Digital Catalog Software to provide these retailers with digital commerce capabilities that they would not be able to allow if they did not have access to digital product catalogs.

In addition to seasonal and home decor manufacturers, Gerson’s customers include independent retailers who account for 40% of the company’s business. A solution that would allow Gerson to provide these customers with expanded inventory and drop ship options was sought by the company.

With the integration of their enterprise resource planning (ERP) system with a digital catalog, Gerson was able to significantly increase sales volume. Ordering directly from the Digital Catalog Management Software, which contains the most recent inventory, and having those products shipped directly to customers has now become a possibility.

Retailers can now take advantage of the following opportunities:

  • Enhance their inventory levels, increase their margins, and offer the ability to place orders over the internet for their products.
  • Third, the ability to sell backlog that has been reduced in price or that has been overstocked.
  • Customers can order older models or discontinued products at a fraction of the original price if you create a catalog that is solely dedicated to the inventory you hope to sell in the upcoming years.
  • The time saved will allow your company to devote more resources toward developing new products and increasing revenue.

Availability of product information and high-resolution images from any location in the world at any time.

Especially when the factories are located in different countries, it can be difficult for brand manufacturers who own and control their factories in other countries to effectively communicate with their customers about their products.

In China, Gerson’s employees use tablets and digital catalogs to verify inventory on the factory floor, something that was impassable with their expensive ERP system, which also made it difficult to share product information with other departments. Gerson’s employees in the United States use tablets and digital catalogs to verify inventory on the factory floor.

The transition from printed product catalogs to digital product catalogs is number five on the list.

Getting rid of your company’s print catalog software makes good business sense from a variety of perspectives.

Saving thousands of dollars by foregoing the printing of bi-annual catalogs is a smart business decision.

A digital product catalog, as opposed to a traditional product release schedule that is biannual, allows your brand to be more agile with product releases, which can benefit your customers. The general public should be able to invest in a product once it has been made available for purchase.

Make everyone’s life a little bit easier 

Providing up-to-date, accurate, and easily accessible product content through the use of an appropriate Online Catalog Management Software will make everyone’s lives easier, and this will benefit the entire organisation.

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