The Blueprint to Omnichannel Marketing Success

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The Blueprint to Omnichannel Marketing Success

An Omnichannel Marketing success environment includes providing channels like online commerce, brick and mortar stores and social media for seamless customer experience. To enable an omnichannel system, one must focus on products, customers, suppliers, services, campaigns and orders. Questudio’s eCommerce website solution helps manage online commerce effectively. Product Information Management (PIM) enables distributors, manufacturers and retailers to boost sales by streamlining product marketing with accurate product information managed in a central database repository.

Goal Setting

Before embarking on the new venture of achieving omnichannel success, you must decide on the goals along with the target numbers. Along with the overall campaign goals, you must plan for each channel that you plan to use.

The range of inventory for omni-channel marketing includes email, social media, display ads, direct mail, mobile space (text messaging, aps), telemarketing, content marketing (webinars, blog, guides, whitepapers etc.), traditional media like the TV, radio, press, billboard etc. Questudio’s omnichannel marketing services help companies arrive at strategic and achievable goals. Integrated marketing plans are shaped after considering the opportunities and risks.

Central Repository Creation

Questudio’s central repository concept is driven by the CatalogStudio PIM software. Today consumers digest enormous pieces of data daily through the many accessible channels. Thus it becomes critical for organizations to be agile and quickly deliver customized and engaging content. The ability to create great customized content can set one apart from one’s competitors. Questudio’s content creation service helps you achieve just that. It helps you build and deploy content responsively and optimize it for multiple channels.

Bridge the Silos

Organizations must be able to create as many brand touch-points as possible for the customer. At the same time, it is important to coordinate all the channels. Cross-promotional efforts must be coordinated so that different mediums complement each other. An integrated marketing effort involving all the channels is required so that any particular channel and their audience are not at a disadvantage.


The reason for a cross-channel strategy is that the organization’s message is not lost while communicating over diverse channels. Reliable communication must take place to avoid confusing one’s audience. Inconsistent messages across channels can create doubts regarding the brand. Brand loyalty can thus be disturbed. Consistent message through all channels helps create multiple brand recall.


Measuring and analyzing results is an often ignored exercise when it comes to closing a marketing effort successfully. Engagement, performance, awareness of the campaign are some of the broad measuring factors. Applying appropriate tools for measuring the conversion rate of each channel is necessary. Integrated reporting helps understand the organization’s standing at each of the channels and provides an overall representation of the organization.


Real-time analytics helps check what is working and what is not, and tweak accordingly. Conversion ratios across channels, marketing spends and ROI are important aspects of multi-channel marketing success. Thus timely reviews are necessary for informed strategizing of the integrated marketing approach.

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