eCommerce Businesses Need PIM

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Why eCommerce Businesses Need PIM

The number one goal of eCommerce businesses is to keep their consumers satisfied and attentive. Maintaining and growing a customer base isn’t all about social media and advertising, however. When you break it down, the key to succeeding in eCommerce comes down to seamless and simplistic product information management (PIM). Poor product information quality and inconsistency lead to loss of sales and customers, as well as inefficient internal practices. Implementing a PIM software solution to support eCommerce is absolutely essential in today’s modern multichannel environment.

According to a case study by Kimberly Struyk of QualQuant Signals:

“Overall brand impressions drop by 19% on average due to scarce product information.”

Consumer-driven product information is a major separator between leads and customers, or visitors and purchasers. Accurate, up-to-date, and consistent product data builds brand loyalty and customer assurance so they feel confident and at ease about the product they are purchasing. Hence, the reason eCommerce businesses need a PIM solution.

PIM is a centralized and cohesive platform designed to help you keep your product data in line. It allows all data to be stored in one place and facilitates uniform product communication across all channels. You are able to create dynamic categories and groupings of products, and seamlessly update product information. PIM also enables you to import from multiple sources and formats to a centralized location, and export to multiple channels quickly and efficiently. This helps eCommerce businesses stay current with the modern marketing environment.

Correctly configured PIM software can enhance nearly all channels of your eCommerce business. It helps you manage your business in a more productive and efficient manner, and delivers consistent and cohesive information to consumers, which keeps them coming back for more.

In today’s multichannel environment, a PIM software solution is necessary to maintain and grow your eCommerce business. Schedule a live demo with Questudio today to learn more.

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