Why we should use Online Catalogs Software for B2C Communication?

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Business to consumer (B2C) marketing differs from business to business (B2B) communication in the three basics of size, speed and need. A business typically makes large purchases of previously identified needs. However, an end consumer usually makes small purchases, sometimes to meet a previous need and sometimes to meet the need only thought of after seeing the product on sale.Questudio’s online catalogs creation software CatalogStudio and Webstudio lets you to create catalogs quickly. Catalog Automation solution by Questudio can significantly decrease time-to-market output. You must use online catalog software for the following reasons.

Short Sale Cycles

B2C companies usually have very short sales cycles ranging in days and sometimes minutes in the case of impulse purchases. In such cases the catalogs need to churn out at a rate faster than the customer’s waning interest levels. Online catalogs can be embedded with video, audio, animations, pop ups, auto catalog link creation etc. You can also ensure that the online catalog content can be viewed on any type of device.


The brand of the company is built through advertising and referrals which requires constant connect with the customer. With large number of brands flooding the market it gets all the more difficult to capture the attention of the customer. So you needs to delight your customers with responsive catalogs, which is possible in online catalogs. Responsive layouts auto adapt the content of the catalogs to suit the resolution of the reader’s device.

Social Media

Social media is a great platform for both the consumer and the business. It provides easy access to customers, opening up multiple opportunities for you. The opportunities, in terms of advertising, customer service and building customer loyalty, are too vital to be ignored. Companies can post their catalogs on social media platforms to reach a wider audience. Online catalogs enable customers to provide feedback at any point of time. It also lets consumers share the product details or the catalog as such on social media websites easily.

Customer Service

Customer service is the core deciding factor for sales. Customers who already had a great experience with the product company are more likely to come back to the brand. Happy customers tend to buy more and refer the product to friends. Online catalogs allow customers to tag the pages they like and bookmark for later view. They can go to the website directly for online shopping from the pages of the catalog. They can access the catalogs at any point of time on the move. They can store it in their device, save it to disc, email it and share it and thus increase customer reach. Procedural books, manuals, instruction guides are other marketing materials that can be distributed along with the online catalogs.

Easy Creation

Creating online catalogs is very simple and even a novice can create great looking catalogs easily in no time. It offers cutting edge features and options for creating catalogs according to your requirement. You can customize colors, change backgrounds, logos and languages to your specifications. Editing and updating catalogues can be made automatic by synchronization with PIM. You can keep a tab on the catalog viewing, the website traffic and draw related analytics.

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