The Power of eCommerce Personalization

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As you probably already know, customers today dominate the online retail landscape, and current eCommerce trends are specifically aimed to improve their experiences. One major way to cater to customer preferences is by eCommerce personalization. When retailers implement personalization strategies into their eCommerce stores, they often see significant benefits.


What is eCommerce personalization?

The primary goal of eCommerce personalization is to provide an online customer experience that replicates that of an in-store experience. This is one of the most advantageous concepts in eCommerce today. Essentially, a personalized eCommerce site helps retailers better serve their customers and create lasting relationships by utilizing customer data, personal messages, product recommendations, tailored search results, customized content, etc. to help users find exactly what they’re looking for. It shifts the retail environment from company-centric to customer-centric.

What are the benefits of eCommerce personalization?

The power of personalization is significant and the benefits are abundant. Here are a few fundamental benefits a personalized eCommerce site provides.

  • It gives your company a competitive advantage. eCommerce sites that differentiate themselves with personalization stand out against the competition, giving them a leg up in the retail landscape.
  • It improves customer experience. Studies show 75% of customers recognize and appreciate when eCommerce sites personalize their experience. Personalization gives customers an easier, stress-free, and successful shopping experience. When your customers are happy, your business prospers.
  • It increases conversion rates. Personalization creates a positive customer experience, which increases the likelihood of converting leads into paying customers.
  • It increases average order amount. It’s more than just converting leads into customers; personalization also helps to increase your average order value. When you offer personalized recommendations to customers, they often will follow through with those recommendations and therefore, spend more money.
  • It builds long-lasting customer relationships. By personalizing the shopping experience, you improve your overall relationship with your customers. When your customers feel appreciated, satisfied, and in control, it increases the likelihood of them coming back time and again.

No two people are alike, ergo no two customers are alike. The online stores that realize this, and make the effort to personalize the shopping experiences for their customers’ individual needs, will come out on top. eCommerce personalization will unlock the door to a better overall shopping experience for your customers, and a better overall performance for you.

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