Save Time When Creating Catalogs

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Save Time When Creating Catalogs

The difficulties involved in creating product catalogs

The bottom line is that a company committed to manufacturing and/or selling products must manage a variety of materials and channels that share the same data but do so in a variety of formats, languages, and styles, such as:

  • Websites for Corporations
  • The company has its own online store that is only available to them.
  • Apps for Mobile Devices
  • Marketplaces on the internet
  • Catalogs and other printed materials are available in hard copy (brochures, etc.)
  • Catalogs and files for sales representatives and associates are also possible.

When it comes to data management, most businesses face a significant challenge because their information is dispersed across multiple sources that are difficult to control and locate. Details such as descriptions and SKUs; photographs, gifs and videos; specifications and measurements; certifications and other documentation; and manuals, technical drawings and data sheets.

Secondly, manually organising and distributing all of that information, which is collected from various sources and distributed through a variety of channels, is time-consuming. Furthermore, tasks that take a long time and require a great deal of concentration, such as repeatedly performing the same copy, paste, and save action, result in fatigued and unmotivated teams, as well as catalogs that contain more errors than usual.

A team that is overburdened and making mistakes has a shock on the quality of the product content, which has a negative impact on sales, your supply chain relationship, customer satisfaction, and customer retention, to name a few consequences.

PIM is a time-saving platform for managing product catalogs.

A PIM (Product Information Management) platform is a solution that addresses both issues in a centralised location. Using this software, you will never have to worry about where each piece of data is stored or how to find and update it across all of your product versions again. You can specify the number of tables and channels in which any modifications to PIM data will be automatically reflected.

A further benefit of work centralization is the capacity to avoid the repetitive tasks of reviewing various sources and gathering information by hand from suppliers or manufacturers.

It is possible to centralise all of your product information and automate its management, updating, and connection to multiple channels such as your ecommerce to Amazon or a catalog of a collection that you wish to share with your commercial network using a Product Information Management system (PIM).

When product marketers eliminate the management of repetitive tasks such as manually updating a product price 50 times, they can devote their attention to what is most valuable right now. Provide more engaging and valuable content to shoppers while focusing on enrichment rather than technical, boring, and time-consuming tasks. The PIM will take care of the rest.

What makes a PIM system to produce catalogs more rapidly than a manual process?

When you incorporate a product information management system (PIM) into your catalog creation and management, your marketing team (and, by extension, your entire company and its profits) benefits in the following ways:

Increase the speed with which new products are introduced.

Reduce the amount of time and money spent on management.

Increase the speed with which promotional materials are created.

Get rid of the common mistakes that occur when manual management is used.

Instead of spending more time on repetitive tasks, devote more time to improving the quality of the content.

Deliver information to customers and sales representatives in a more timely manner.

For starters, we deposit the best onboarding and technical support available in the PIM market; more importantly, we will assist you in recovering your most valuable resource: the time of your team.

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