Seamlessly Integrate Product Information Management With Dealer Portals

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How to Seamlessly Integrate Product Information Management With Dealer Portals

Product Information Management With Dealer Portals: The lack of consistent information about products is an extremely common and frustrating experience for online shoppers. Seen from a company’s point-of-view, given the short lifecycles of products, and the sheer volume of products on a website, it is difficult to create and maintain the data without using a mature PIM software. Product Information Management software makes it possible to maintain, harmonize and update the data centrally and remove the errors that tend to creep in through manual systems.


Integrating Product Information Management With Dealer Portals

PIM software, like the one from Questudio, enables companies to manage their product database from a central location. This means that any search will access the same data and hence return consistent information. Using this central repository, you can create different deliverables while ensuring that all of them sing the same tune. This ensures that your customers find consistent information no matter how they arrive at the information.

To ensure that the data in the system is accurate and up-to-date, you should be able to give role-based access to individual departments. This ensures that each department is responsible for the data in their control. Such a system reduces maintenance costs while allowing quick updates of data.

If you are working with dealers, you can let the dealers access the data in the PIM systems to ensure that their websites are reflecting accurate information. This also helps your B2B customers procure items as required, facilitating better dealer retention. A good PIM system, such as QueStudio, provides secure and role-based access to dealers and vendors enabling you to benefit from the quick and easy flow of accurate information.

When you integrate with your ERP, you can easily serve user specific pricing to the respective dealers, which is an advantage and gives a robust feel to the users and they feel empowered knowing prices that are specific to them.
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