Improve Company Efficiency By Using Product Information Management (PIM)

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Improving Company Efficiency By Using Product Information Management

Improve Company Efficiency By Using Product Information Management :It’s no surprise that managing product content can be time consuming, especially with no central repository. Content that is stored and pulled from various systems by multiple product managers yields insufficient and often, inaccurate results. Product information management, otherwise known as PIM, provides companies maximum efficiency through centralized management of all content. A PIM system can potentially save time, money, and a great deal of frustration.

Time, Money, and Frustration

Companies that are dealing with abundant content information without a central repository spend precious time on intense manual efforts. Not only are several different individuals working on managing content, but details are being pulled from multiple locations as well. This can take months of excessive labor and still result in errors and duplicate content, consequently affecting your company’s timeline and work efficiency. As they say, time is money. Every additional minute your company spends on aggregating and organizing existing content, more money flies out the door, thus brewing more and more frustration amongst employees. Loss of time and money, and an excess of frustrated employees nearly diminish company morale and overall performance.

PIM Solution

The simple implementation of a PIM system provides a solution to these imperative issues. PIM provides you all the tools to improve company efficiency and precision. It allows all information to be stored in one place and facilitates uniform product communication across all channels. No time is wasted on duplicate data entry or unnecessary errors. As a result, the PIM solution saves ample time, money, and lessens frustration. Product information management systems help you keep track of all the information and features for products your company stocks and sells and allows for seamless updates as well. This is how you can Improve Company Efficiency By Using Product Information Management

Questudio’s CatalogStudio solution gives companies the ability to create catalogs and reports with the greatest efficiency. This powerful system consists of several modules, including content management, PDF catalog publishing, reporting, workflow manager, publishing whiteboard, import/export tools, and security.Contact Questudio today to learn more about implementing CatalogStudio for your business!

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