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PIM Software for Manufacturing: Manufacturing units are the mainstay of any economy today. They produce finished goods from raw materials. These end products could be sold to other manufacturers who may produce further complex products or directly to end-users and consumers. 

The range of items could be household appliances, sports equipment, furniture, automobiles, etc. Manufacturing units are generally large-scale and involve a huge number of products. 


What is PIM-PIM Software for Manufacturing:

Companies dealing with such a high volume of products need targeted software for product management. Product Information Management Tool for manufacturing is one of the best software used by successful businesses everywhere. It is software that is targeted to efficiently deal with the information of products and how it is showcased to the end-user. 


Businesses gravitate towards premier software to handle the high volume of products. What makes software excellent is its ability to process product information quickly and efficiently. 


There are software widely available in the market that profess to handle product life-cycle and show an increase in sales. But every business should look at the core elements of the software to see if it is a good fit for them. 


MarketStudio and PIM Software for Manufacturing

Questudio is a premier software and service provider trusted by several manufacturing companies across the globe. MarketStudio is their versatile digital commerce solution for product manufacturers and distributors. It offers a wide range of support for small, medium, and large-scale businesses. With PIM software and catalog automation, MarketStudio is a one-stop solution available for manufacturers. 


Let’s see why MarketStudio stands out from the rest:


  • MarketStudio’s PIM software has a winning strategy – a central repository. All product information, such as name, size, dimension, images, price, etc. is fed into this central repository. This allows the system to fetch and update data from any point of contact. It is also a powerful tool in publishing information across multiple channels with just a few clicks of a button. The data stored in the central repository can be rich content like high-quality images, videos, PDFs, etc along with product literature and other information. 


  • Manufacturing sectors usually have units in geographically spaced locations. This can be difficult in terms of product information management. Employees from one location may update information that may not reflect in the other locations. This can create inconsistencies and incorrect product information shared with customers. Here, having a central repository is productive as any update is instantly reflected globally. Consistency and accuracy of product information are easy to manage with Product Information Management eCommerce software


  • MarketStudio uses the power of the central repository in its other services like catalog and eCommerce website creation.


Power of catalogs

Manufacturing products is not the only aspect of a business. Marketing successfully also plays an important role in sales and return on investment. With a high volume of products or product categories, businesses can find marketing to be an overwhelming task. Catalogs are a perfect way to showcase products to other manufacturers, dealers, or even customers.


MarketStudio’s Indesign Catalog Automation software is just right for manufacturers to create stunning catalogs effortlessly. Here catalogs can be customized with ease, which is a huge positive for businesses with multiple product categories. The software allows generating hundreds of catalogs to be delivered to dealers, business partners, and end-users. 


The catalogs in print or PDF form make it easy to export to end-users. Manufacturers can make the most of the digital world to increase their customer base. Using multiple channels like social media, print, PDF, etc manufacturing units can send information across in an instant. This helps to stay ahead of the competition and increases sales.


Benefits of Ecommerce PIM Software for Manufacturing

With large-scale businesses, making the most of a digital platform is important for sustainability. The PIM eCommerce solution for manufacturing is brilliant as it encompasses product management as well as marketing. 


Let’s look at some of the benefits of PIM for manufacturers:

  • Efficient management of product information: PIM, with its central repository, plays a vital role in the handling of product information. This leads to efficiency and an increase in sales.
  • Cost reduction: When products are placed in the central repository, the cost of maintenance is greatly reduced as items need to be updated only once.
  • Catalog cost reduction: With the Product Catalog management software, creating custom catalogs is easy and quick. The option of dynamic catalogs reduces the printing cost. At the same time, this has directly ensured an increase in sales.
  • Competitive edge: Maintaining a competitive edge is great for business. With the help of PIM, product information can be sent across quickly and in an attractive manner to dealers and customers. This helps to keep the competition at bay. 


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