5 Critical Signs It’s Time to Choose a New eCommerce Platform

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The digital world is evolving at such a rapid pace that it can be a struggle to keep up. Consumer’s expectations for your brand and online presence are higher than ever before. They want quick and convenient websites that are easy to navigate and are consistent with a company’s brand. It ‘s quite the challenge to maintain a relevant and thriving eCommerce site in this ever-changing landscape. There comes a time when you must evaluate your current website and decide whether you’ve outgrown it. Here are 5 critical signs it’s time to choose a new eCommerce platform.

  1. Your current site does not have a responsive design.

    Maintaining the look, feel, and usability of your webpage effortlessly across all devices is absolutely vital in today’s technology-driven society. If you do not have a responsive design, you will easily fall behind.

  2. Adding and updating product information is timely and difficult.

    You should be able to easily and efficiently control the content on your website without having to contact your web developer every time you want to make an update or add a product. Product information should be in a central repository to update seamlessly across all platforms.

  3. It doesn’t match your brand image and cannot be customized.

    Your site should achieve the look and feel you want for your brand. It should seamlessly match your overall brand image and create a positive and consistent customer experience.

  4. You’re unable to integrate with ERP and CRM systems.

    Without integration to the ERP system, eCommerce is pretty useless. If you’re having to enter product information updates and orders into back-end systems manually, you’re wasting valuable time.

  5. The appearance and usability have not changed in years.

    A successful eCommerce store should evolve over time. You can’t just open it and leave it the same for years expecting people to visit. If your site is exactly the same as when it launched, it’s probably time for a change.

Technology becomes more advanced daily, increasing the number of devices, platforms, and browsers that need to work seamlessly with your website. Keeping up with current innovations and additions can become very burdensome if you do not have an adequate eCommerce site. If these 5 signs resonate with you and your website, it’s probably time to choose a new ecommerce platform.

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