Why you need Questudio’s InStudio plug-in for Adobe InDesign

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If you are a business looking to create graphically appealing, comprehensive catalogs for your entire range of products or just mini catalogs then your search would essentially end at Questudio’s InStudio. The InStudio plug-in is fundamentally created for Adobe InDesign to automate the process of creating product catalogs. The plug-in makes sure that the time and resources taken to publish data are drastically reduced compared to the original time taken.

Adobe InDesign is a publishing software application to create brochures, magazines, posters, flyers, newspapers, books etc. Graphic designers and production artists are the primary users for the software. They use it to create and lay out periodicals, print media, posters and other publications. It is also used to publish content appropriate for tablet and mobile devices. The content can be made to render in other digital and online formats too.

The plug-in helps flow data from the product information management system like Questudio’s CatalogStudio to Adobe InDesign. At the click of a button any information on any of the pages can be updated with the latest information directly picked up from the PIM. The system even integrates bi-directional updates, wherein data can be transferred from the database to the page or page update to the database. The Auto Flow feature helps flow data from the PIM system to Adobe InDesign using pre-defined templates.

InStudio ensures that even a beginner or a person with no special skills in either designing or production can create great looking catalogs for their business in a jiffy. The information from the PIM Software is sprayed into Adobe InDesign pages using XMLs generated from the print catalog software – CatalogStudio. The intervention of special teams of designers and developers for use of the tool and completion of catalogs can be totally eliminated. Additionally, it enables companies to invest their employees’ time and resources in other business related activities.

Page layouts, indexing, incorporation of images and product related information and the final outcome on the catalog can all be controlled by the plug-in. The user can simply drag and drop data from the central database to the InDesign pages to generate attractive finished products. The tool automatically governs and applies colors, fonts and styles to data, which in turn saves lot of effort and time of the user. Complex catalogs with a wide range of products and the related product information in terms of images, dimensions, specifications etc. can be created quickly and reliably. Pivot tables, both regular and complex can be incorporated in one’s project with appropriate styling as per user’s requirement.

InStudio is a powerful time saving tool using which one can hope to master creating vast product catalogs, brochures, guides, or any sort of print media in no time. Hundreds of pages can be created with the option of template based page creation technique. The effective and automated PDF publishing process makes one’s task of publishing humungous data a cake walk.

The plug-in is built such that it is compatible with both Windows and Mac systems. This allows its reach to a bigger user base of publishers and designers and even first time users.

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