Keep an Eye Out for These eCommerce Trends

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Keep an Eye Out for These eCommerce Trends

The distinction between eCommerce and brick and mortar stores is getting blurred by the day. Consumers are increasingly turning to the Internet to make their purchasing decisions. This will go even further in the future. The technology involved in shopping is changing at a rapid pace. One need not travel all the way to the store, sift through the printed product catalog, or wait to talk to a product representative for placing an order.


Accordingly, merchants have to embrace the latest eCommerce trends, such as omni-channel marketing, m-commerce, and quick checkouts.

Questudio’s products are a powerful tool for creating, managing, and maintaining all product information in one place. It gives the ability to quickly deploy a store or a catalog online. It also provides a platform that can be customized and integrated with existing IT infrastructure.

Keep an eye out for these eCommerce trends in the near future.

Social commerce

Social commerce is set to grow at rates as high as 93%. This means that the retailers will inevitably have to leap into socializing. Socializing will be the norm in order to stand out among the crowd of competitors, business and protect their brands. Cross-selling and up-selling becomes possible with access to social media. Customers can see what people in their social circles are buying and using, which would lure them too. Customer behavior can be studied more accurately in order to shape and customize offerings.

Mobile commerce

Mobile commerce used to be just an add-on for retailers, but it is turning into THE channel for companies to conduct their business. It has the capability to connect a customer from tablet, computer, smartphone and store all at one place. It is a secure and user-friendly mobile platform for payments. It gives the capability of providing customized and mobile centric layouts, and shows more screens to the user to influence buyers on the go.

Personalized marketing

It is possible to predict a consumer’s likes and dislikes and shopping patterns with the data that the consumer volunteers to divulge. You can draw conclusions by following email content, online search history, social media involvement etc. This helps in customizing the product recommendations and shopping experience for the customer.

Faster Checkouts

Immediate fulfillment is the biggest advantage of brick and mortar stores. Your business can lose customers in case of delayed gratification. However, faster and cheaper shipping options are bridging the existing gap at a fast pace. E-commerce is also becoming closer to the store experience of touching and feeling the product too. With PIM in place, you can let customers actually see the product from different angles, along with relevant video and audio files. PIM also lets customers know the exact inventory that is available in the warehouse for quick purchasing decisions.


The latest and highest technology that is implemented in the store online can actually be worthless if regulations are not followed. PCI compliance is necessary to make the customer feel safe during online transactions. The costs incurred in loss of customer data to companies can run into billions of dollars apart from losing customer’s trust. Accuracy at every stage of online purchase is expected right from the price listing, application of discounts, shipping rates, promotions, application of coupon codes, sales tax etc. CatalogStudio and Webstudio allows one to easily be compliant of the rules and regulations.

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