Is Omnichannel marketing with print catalogs essential for enterprise?

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Omnichannel marketing is marketing via multiple channels with an aim to provide a seamless approach to customer experience through all the channels. Print catalogs are crucial for marketing via any of the options be it website, mobile devices, brick and mortar stores, direct mails or emails. Questudio’s Catalog Creation Software can help create and publish catalogs according to one’s business requirement.Automated PDF publishing services by Questudio ensures that the organization’s catalog is ready in no time.


Print catalogs for omnichannel marketing are necessary for the following reasons.

1. Drive business

Many leading surveys have revealed that most of the customers have been driven to the company website because of the catalog in hand. It is noted that most of the customers have bought an item after first seeing it in a catalog. Many customers browse the catalogs to learn about a company’s product offering. Questudio’s online catalog software CatalogStudio is a powerful system that has several modules to create, manage and maintain product information in a central repository for catalog publishing.

2. Brand ambassadors

A company’s catalog can make or break a customer’s impression of the business. Along with the products, the customer is also taking in cues on the company messages and values. The print catalog gives a chance to imprint the brand on the customer through striking design layout and appearance. The catalog becomes the shop window where in one can impress the customers in their own homes before they are directed to the website or the brick and mortar store for completing the purchase. A catalog gives rise to customers who purchase more than once opposed to a buyer who purchases only once.

3. Accessible

Print catalogs can reach a wide set of people in the household itself by being in plain sight. An email directed at an individual limits the scope of the product catalog. However, a print catalog has the possibility of reaching out to people without internet connectivity. It can be shared easily with friends and family members thus making customer prospecting easy. It also gives a better product overview and makes it easy to look at.

4. Increased Spending and Repeat Purchase

The lifetime value of a catalog buyer is found to be more compared to other channels. This is because a web shopper will look at purchasing an item only where there is a need and complete the purchase by buying it at the most optimum price. But an order via a catalog inclines the customer to make repeat purchases. He is known to spend more money and return much more often compared to a web shopper.

5. Tangible

Despite the internet proliferation, people like to hold reading material in print. Dealing with print catalogs is almost passive where one need not sit in front of a system, type or search matter. It stays in the house for weeks, is portable and can be easily handled and picked up for a later day.  Print helps in targeted distribution of the catalogs.

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