How Does Accurate Product Information Help Your Business?

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In today’s digital society, your customers have high expectations regarding your product data. They want to know as much about products as they can, and they want this information to be clear, customized, and consistent. Poor or inaccurate product data is beyond frustrating to customers. It can ultimately lead them away from your store and into the arms of your competitor. Incorrect product information can also negatively impact your brand reputation and growth. On the other hand, accurate product information will drive customer acquisition, accumulate sales, and contribute towards a better customer experience.


With product information, remember: quality is better than quantity. Customers rely on this information to make informed purchase decisions. If you have a ton of information listed with your products, but it’s misleading or incorrect, then it will do more harm than good. Customers expect information on your website, in your store, and in your catalogs to be completely and consistently accurate.

How does accurate product information help?

It reduces the number of returns.

Poor product information leads to excessive frustration and is a contributing factor to returned merchandise.

This includes things such as:

  • Product specifications are wrong or obsolete
  • Inconsistent prices on the website and in store
  • The size or color of the product is different than advertised

Accurate data eliminates these unnecessary returns by providing the correct information from the start.

It builds brand loyalty.

Customers want to purchase products from brands and retailers they can trust. Accurate product information keeps your consumers coming back for more, and makes them spread the word about your brand to others. Brand loyalty in this day and age is vital for success.

It helps you sell across multiple channels.

Accurate product information allows you to effectively share it across channels and create a seamless customer experience. Solutions for creating accurate product data, such as PIM, help you manage and publish information across all channels with a single trusted source.

In order to provide a consistent, enjoyable customer experience, drive sales, and improve your brand image, you need to aim to have the highest quality data possible. Accurate product information is a fundamental aspect of eCommerce business today. Consider investing in a PIM system to ensure you aren’t falling behind.

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