3 Product Content Problems Solved by PIM

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When marketers, online merchandisers, and product managers seek a user-friendly solution to manage their product content online, they often invest in PIM (product information management) system. PIM is a tool that allows merchants to consolidate and centralize all of the technical and marketing aspects of their products and catalogs.

One of the key benefits of PIM is the ability to collaborate between all teams in the organization to create exceptional product data. Here are 3 main problems merchants face with their product content that can be solved with PIM:

1. Multiple supplier and user input

When several people are working on inputting product information simultaneously, it becomes incredibly messy and stressful. Thus, increasing the time it takes to market products, and of course time is money. Often, larger companies also have product data from multiple suppliers, distributors, etc. Each one uses their own program to store data, which can easily get unorganized.

PIM allows users to classify products effortlessly in an organized, structured, and searchable way within one single data warehouse.

2. Constant editing and repeated entries

It is very easy to list a product incorrectly, accidentally enter the same thing multiple times, or make simple errors while typing. This can often be the leading factor to losing customers and sales.

With a PIM system, several tools to validate data entry are available, reducing the number of possible mistakes and the chances of repeated entries.

3. Keeping up with product updates and new inventory

As your business grows, managing product information becomes increasingly difficult. Keeping track of the information and features for every product you sell, plus adapting said information for each channel can be terribly daunting and frustrating.

A PIM system can help you keep all of this information organized and updated. You have the ability to make group updates to distinct categories and create logical groupings of products. Most importantly, though, you are able to take the information residing in multiple systems and combine it into a single, simple, interface.

Overall, PIM is a collaborative solution that not only benefits your company performance, but also your internal synchronization. Questudio’s CatalogStudio software is a dynamic tool for enterprises, manufacturers, and distributors used to manage product information and store product content in a central location. To learn more about PIM or to begin using CatalogStudio for your business,contact Questudio today!

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