10 Reasons Why You Need a Print Catalog Software for Your e-Business

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Print Catalog Software is used by companies to automatically create catalogs with comprehensive product information and images. A product catalog is the repository of all the items that one sells. It must be able to push the products that the seller wants to sell and at the same time help customers find what they are looking for. Questudio’s Catalog Creation Software can help create and publish catalogs according to the organization requirement. Automated PDF publishing services by Questudio ensures that the company’s catalog PDF is ready in no time.

Although eCommerce relates to the online space, it is heavily dependent on catalogs both in print and online.

1. Changing business needs

One cannot predict what kind of product demands would be driving the market in the future.   One must be prepared for the rapid changes that take place on a continuous basis. To adapt quickly to changing e-business needs, the print catalog software is considered a prerequisite. It helps in letting companies be agile and fine-tune their catalogs depending on the offers and promotions.

2. Catalog Features

A print catalog software provides the features to accommodate multiple categories and sub-categories in the catalog in a simple and quick way. It also accommodates different products with different attributes without any complicated procedures. The possibility of data duplication is eliminated as a central repository is maintained.

3. Print v/s softcopy

Print cannot stand on its own. One need not have a computer handy always. It is only when it is used in conjunction with other channels that it can be effective in its endeavor. With PDF catalogs one can hope to drive more visits to company websites.

4. Engaging

Print catalogs keep the customer hooked on to the company products. Top of the mind share of the consumer can be hoped to be gained with a catalog in hand. This in turn can help convert it to a successful sale in the future.

5. Multichannel broadcast

Catalogs either online or offline helps reach out to greater audience numbers in the long run.

Print media if used in conjunction with the web can benefit the firm in receiving more navigations to the website.

6. Mobile Commerce

With most of the internet users switching to mobiles, unexplored mobile commerce can prove fatal for a business. Quick Response Codes or QR codes present on the catalogs make customers with phones and tablets visit one’s website and hence make a purchase.

7. Branding

Customer today is spoilt for choice, which unsurprisingly inclines him to look for the best deals available. Quick brand comparison and decisions are favored in such a scenario. One can hope to communicate one’s expertise and demonstrate the product specialty. Brand promotion with the cover artwork, headers, etc. also prove to be a recurring reminder of one’s business.

8. Relationship Sale

Catalogs function as key leave-behinds that can demand a customer’s attention. It is more compelling than any other means of media including e-mails.

9. Market Share

Most of the time businesses lose out in targeting fragmented markets. Catalogs can help increase one’s visibility and enhance chances of prospecting. They are shared more easily and can often result in customers sharing it with their friends or colleagues.

10. Measurable

The reach of catalogs prove to be much more traceable. One can track the catalogs that are downloaded and which ones are not. The products that are scanned and clicked can also be recorded. The metrics measured help in modifying company catalogs and thus the eCommerce websites.

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