Content Services

Questudio helps customers in Content Services like Content Creation, Content Extraction, Content Normalization, and Content Publishing. Our Content Management Team has vast experience in creating and extracting data from various sources be it existing PDF catalogs, Adobe InDesign files, QuarkXPress files, Excels, CSV files, Word Documents, or Websites., The extracted content is then published to different marketing channels such as Print, Web, Dealer portals, Exchanges, and other systems. Our Content Experts work closely with customers to better understand their business requirements and deliver content accordingly. The extracted content is either stored in a Product Information Management database for easy retrieval or presented in a format that is desirable to the customer.

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Content Service

  • Analysis and Proof-of-Concept
  • Catalog Taxonomy in a Central Repository
  • Extraction of content from PDFs, Excel, CSV, Website…
  • Publish using InDesign or built-in PDFxPress
  • Export to various Channels and Systems


  • Expert consulting and implementation
  • Product Hierarchy Classification
  • Content Publishing to Print, Web and many Channels
  • Single Source of Truth for all Product Content
  • Custom Catalogs and Template based Publishing


  • Understand Content Structure and Publishing Requirements
  • Collate content scattered across different areas and legacy systems
  • Content organized in a central repository with Optimal Hierarchy
  • Custom templates for Print Catalog Publishing
  • Exports for Multiple Output Formats for different Feeds

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