Integrated Systems

Questudio enable customers store rich product content, which includes Images, PDFs, Videos, Product Information, Product Categorization in a central repository and then publish to all marketing channels including Web, Print and Exchanges. Flexible architecture of our MarketStudio products supports integration to ERP, CRM and other systems that customers use. Questudio has built API’s and custom scripts to support integration to various systems that include.

best pim solutions
best pim solutions

Integrated Systems Features

  • Integrated PIM and eCommerce Website Solutions
  • API’s for Magento and other Platforms
  • Custom integration to ERPs and other Systems
  • WebStudio Platform for Portals and Websites
  • Product Pricing and Product Pricing from ERP
  • Mobile Apps integrated with MarketStudio PIM


  • Leverage existing Content storage with Integration
  • Create One Source of Truth for Marketing Product Content
  • Catalog Automation that fits into existing System Environment
  • Replace with new Website or Integrate with current Site
  • Web Portals with access to all Product Content
  • Syndicate Content to various Distributor and Marketing Channels
best pim solutions
best pim solutions


  • Analyze and define Integration Requirements
  • Questudio Software and Services with Turnkey Integrations
  • Define optimal Integration Solutions
  • Follow Best Practices and Use New Technologies
  • Reuse available API’s or develop Custom Scripts
  • On-going Support for Software and Integrations

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